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    Telephones and Cellular Phones - (490 companies)
    ...phones use advanced mobile phone service (AMPS), a 1G standard that operates in the 800 to 900 MHz frequency band. Digital technologies for mobile telephones and cell phones include CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and DECT. Code division multiple access (CDMA...
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    Mobile and Wireless Software - (143 companies)
    Mobile and wireless software is used to program and manage mobile and wireless devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), and global positioning systems (GPS). System administrations and information technology (IT) personnel use...
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    Phone Switchboards - (54 companies)
    Phone switchboards are used for routing telephone calls and adding advanced features to telephone systems. Traditional electromechanical devices have been largely replaced by computer-based applications that reside on web servers, application...
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    Phone Jacks and Plugs - (192 companies)
    Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones. They are also known as modular jacks (female) and modular plugs (male). Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones and other audio systems. They are also known as modular...
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    Mobile Satellite and Mobile Command Center Services - (36 companies)
    Mobile satellite and mobile command center services provide setup and installation of mobile communication centers and mobile communication equipment. Mobile satellite and mobile command center services install and configure mobile communication...
    Mobile Application (App) Development - (53 companies)
    Mobile application (app) development is a service for the creation of application software for mobiles devices. Mobile application (app) development is a service for the creation of application software for mobile devices. The various devices...
    Mobile Electrification Systems - (61 companies)
    Mobile electrification systems provide power to moving vehicles and equipment such as AGVs, mobile hoists and cranes in automated factory, material handling and other specialized applications. Mobile electrification systems provide power to moving...
    Boxes and Crates - (228 companies)
    Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage applications.
    Wireless Communications Services - (253 companies) open specification for mobile devices, allows users to communicate with satellite phones, pagers, and two-way radios. GSM wireless communication services may also provide general packet radio service (GPRS), which combines packet-switching protocols...
    Cellular Modems - (38 companies) the modem to connect to a particular type of network. Among these, we have: Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communications is a digital cellular system that uses narrowband time division multiple access (TDMA) technology. It allows eight simultaneous...

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  • A Method to Control Home Appliances Based on Writing Commands Over the Air
    We also test three communication mediums: wire, Bluetooth, and GSM (global system for mobile communications), respec- tively. .... In second test bed, we use Samsung Galaxy3 mobile phone having Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich ) operating system.
  • Ferrimagnetic composites in building material for electromagnetic wave absorption in indoor wireless communication systems
    The application of absorbers in the communication field where radio- and mobile phone signals are unwanted has attracted much interest among researchers. .... Laminated wood with stainless steel and ferrite powder sandwiched has also been successfully implemented [3]. .... paper is the improvement of the attenuation characteristics of plaster cement in the GSM Mobile frequency bands…
  • Design of triple band antenna array for GSM/DCS/UMTS handset localization
    The dielectric material is a sandwich of FR-4 and Foam. .... Figure 3: Manufactured GSM /DCS/UMTS antenna. .... 1) Return loss bandwidth The return loss bandwidth covers the three bands of the mobile phone system with a return loss less than -10 dB at, see Figure 4.
  • Mobile Phone Chargers Manufacturers, Mobile Phone Chargers Product Catalogs Directory
    sandwich panels. mobile conex.prefabricated house and building.bathroom . .... Ask about Mobile Phone Chargers. .... phones gsm mobile phone mobile phone accessories tv phone gsm phone video door phone mobile phone battery…
  • Effects of radiofrequency radiation on human ferritin: an in vitro enzymun assay.
    The aim of this study was to investigate whether the human serum ferritin level could be interfered by the exposure to the 900 MHz GSM cell phones . .... wells from 25 normal healthy donors were labeled with ruthenium to form a sandwich complex based on .... Effects of exposure from mobile phones must be considered further.
  • Low-Profile Narrow-Frame Antenna for Seven-Band WWAN/LTE Smartphone Applications
    By employing a parallel resonant circuit and a coupling strip sand- wiched by a feeding strip, the proposed antenna can provide two wide operating bands of 824–960 and 1710–2690 MHz, respectively. .... loss, antenna peak gain, and radiation efficiency are presented, which can meet the requirements for mobile systems. .... Li, and Y.-J. Wu, “Low-pro- file printed octa-band LTE/WWAN mobile phone antenna a using … strip monopole with a closely-coupled parasitic shorted strip for eight-band LTE/ GSM /UMTS,” IEEE…
  • Subject Index
    LNA/mixer IC, lin., cell phone appls., 2.5-GHz. .... Okada, T., + , MWSYM 01 1183-1186 vol.2 variable-gain power amplifier for mobile WCDMA applications. .... Estes, J., + , MWSYM 01 1357-1358 vol.2 W-CDMA/ GSM dual band and dual mode handset .... sandwich type ferromag.
  • High rejection Rx filters for GSM handsets with wafer level packaging
    I. INTRODUCTION The GSM receiver standard specifies the jamming signal levels that a handset must be able .... The recently developed FBAR technology has shown many desirable characteristics, such as high Q and high power-handling capability, for mobile phone applications [2,4]. .... It uses suspended sandwich membrane structure with AlN as a piezoelectric active layer and molybdenum as electrodes…
  • Lab-on-Phone: A Participatory Sensing system
    The Android Application was developed for Android 4.0.3 Version (Ice Cream Sandwich ) and tested in a Sony Xperia Sola with the same version of OS, NFC technology, GPS, Wi- Fi, GSM , HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS, Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 … capacitance) immersed in a solution, a microcontroller and a dual interface EEPROM which is below the phone . .... all its phases, including the sensor measurement, data adquision with NFC communication, the mobile application, data transmis…
  • RF / Radiation / Measurement
    Exposure evaluation next to mobile communication facilities e.g. GSM and UMTS base stations. .... and 3-D (spherical) antenna pattern measurements for passive antennas and active wireless mobile stations (cell phones ). .... design, which is a Total Steel Structure (TSS), an improved design over conventional sandwich type wood core…