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    Receptacle Testers - (26 companies)
    Receptacle testers are used to test wiring in electrical receptacles. They identify outlets that are open ground, open hot or open neutral; hot, hot on neutral, or ground reversed with open hot; and which have faulty wiring or reverse polarity...
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    Electrical Receptacles - (370 companies)
    Electrical receptacles, outlets, and wall sockets accept plugs and provide current to run electrical devices. They are used in a variety of residential, general-purpose, commercial, industrial, laboratory, and hospital applications. Types. Several...
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    GFCI Testers - (33 companies)
    Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) testers are used to check for improper wiring conditions in GFCI devices such as electrical receptacles. They detect leakage currents that are smaller than those used in fuses and circuit breakers, but still...
    Hospital Beds - (11 companies)
    Hospital beds are beds specially designed for hospital patients or for people in need of some form of healthcare. They have special features both for the well-being and comfort of the patient as well as convenience for healthcare workers. Hospital...
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    PCB Pins and Receptacles - (68 companies)
    PCB pins and PCB receptacles are electronic interconnect devices for printed circuit boards (PCB). PCB pins are male connectors. PCB receptacles are female connectors. PCB pins and PCB receptacles are electronic interconnect devices for printed...
    Voltage Testers - (121 companies)
    Voltage testers check for difference in potential in electrical circuits. Measurement type and measurement range are the most important parameters to consider. There are three main measurement types: AC, DC, and AC / DC. For both alternating current...
    Fueling Nozzles and Receptacles - (66 companies)
    Fueling nozzles and receptacles are components that attach to either the fuel source or the receiving tank to permit the transfer of liquid or gaseous fuels. They are designed for use with fuel dispensing equipment. Fueling nozzles and receptacles...
    Continuity Testers - (66 companies)
    Continuity testers are electrical test instruments that are used to determine if an electrical circuit exists between two points. Continuity testers are electrical test instruments that are used to determine if an electrical circuit exists between...
    Cable Testers - (245 companies)
    Cable testers are handheld or benchtop electronic devices that measure the electrical and physical properties of network cabling. How to Select Cable Testers. Image Credit: Test Equipment Depot | Extech | Megger. Cable testers are handheld, benchtop...
    Capacitance Testers - (42 companies)
    Capacitance testers are used to test the capabilities and performance of capacitors. Capacitance testers are used to test the capabilities and performance of capacitors, specifically, their ability to hold or store an electrical charge. Capacitance...

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    The holding tension provided by a set of contacts in the receptacle can be measured with a spring loaded tester that measures the force required to extract the plug after it is inserted into the receptacle . Tension testing devices are available from a number of companies that sell hospital testing equipment.
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  • HUBBELL WIRING DEVICE-KELLEMS GFCI Receptacle,20A,Hospital,Gray - GFCI Receptacles - 1GBZ6|GFR8300GYTR - Grainger Industrial Supply
    GFCI Receptacle , 20A, Hospital , AutoGrd, Gry Receptacle Tension Tester , with Case .
  • Nosocomiales infections (1)
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  • Electronic Troubleshooting, Fourth Edition > Troubleshooting Biomedical Equipment
    GFI is usually used in the wet areas of the hospital such as hemodialysis sections. • Tension tester : This tester tests the tension of the neutral, hot, and ground lugs of the wall receptacle .
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