IsolationAir® Hospital Contamination Control

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The IsolationAir® System helps meet medical surge benchmarks from the office of the assistant secretary for preparedness and response:

Helps hospitals meet or address these critical benchmarks and Capability 4. Medical Surge, Objective 2:

  • Activity #9 Enhance Infectious Disease Preparedness & Surge Response
  • Activity #6 Provide Burn Care during a Medical Surge Response
  • Activity #1 Develop Emergency Department and Inpatient Medical Surge Capacity and Capability
    [Ensure Immediate Bed Availability by rapidly… using non-traditional spaces; Critical Care: rapidly expand capacity by adapting… areas for critical care]

 View the IsolationAir infographic here.

The IsolationAir System also meets the guidelines for the following organizations:

  1. CDC guidelines for infectious disease control in health care facilities
  2. Minimum of 12 air changes per hour via HEPA filters
  3. Use portable units as needed to augment ACH – recirculating room air
  4. Maintains minimum pressure differential of 0.01” (+ or – depending on the application)
  5. Maintains dehumidification controls
  6. Maintains backup ventilation – can be portable units – for emergency provision
  7. Ultraviolet light can be used for supplemental control
  8. AIA guidelines for design and construction of hospitals, incl. heating and cooling control to 75 °F
  9. ASHRAE – Chapter 7 in Applications Handbook regarding health care facilities


In addition, the system performs the following critical functions:

  • Removes airborne particles with HEPA filtration
  • UV light is used to sterilize airborne viruses and bacteria on the HEPA
  • Either negative or positive pressure control (negative for quarantine)
  • Isolates the room from the central system using temperature control

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