Semiconductor Environmental Control Systems

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Whether you’re working in design or quality in a Semiconductor application, you need a partner who understands your challenges and knows how to help you achieve your goals. Air Innovations supports customers within a variety of Semiconductor environments and applications. Our customers in the semiconductor industry are usually looking for environmental control in these areas:

  • Critical Tolerances on Temperature/Humidity Most of our customers working with environmental control in a semiconductor environment require material stability and measurement accuracy that comes from semiconductor temperature control. Whether you work in lithography, photomask repair, or another area of interferometry, we design to meet your system goals.  Our temperature control systems have been as precise as ±0.02°C and ensure no excess heat affects your processes or systems.


  • Wet / Near Saturation Environments Some of our customers work in semiconductor environments that require very high humidity to maintain material properties and to prevent residual buildup. Having a partner experienced with maintaining the near-saturation environments that can exist in semiconductor applications from electrospinning to chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) can help you achieve your design goals faster and with greater confidence.


  • Dry / Trace Moisture Environments Sometimes semiconductor processes require a trace moisture environment to maintain material properties essential in precision bonding, such as in multi-wafer stacking in a non-vacuum environment. Air Innovations can help you sustain the low-humidity environment you need to meet your process parameters.


If you have a semiconductor application that requires environmental control, contact us today!