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  • MICRO:Industry News:Breakout (Feb 99)
    Alternative lithographic methods, the semiconductor industry's equivalent of baseball's "wait-til-next-year" teams, may finally have their day in the sun. Several novel techniques standing ready to pinch-hit for optical lithography will be in the spotlight during a three-day conference at the 24th
  • MICRO: 'Round the Circuit
    IC sector ranks high in safety A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey found the semiconductor industry to be one of the safest U.S. manufacturing sectors. The "2002 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, " released in December 2003, showed 1.9 cases of work injuries and illnesses per
  • Electronic Filter Design Guide
    equivalent, have a faster edge rate. This may occur because either the old parts were discontinued or the manufacturer upgraded their silicon process to get a faster IC but kept the old part number. These new faster edge-rate numbers can cause signal integrity problems that may not be caught until
  • MICRO: Cox (March 2001)
    processes and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) chamber cleans. Common PFCs used in these processes include perfluoromethane (CF ). These compounds were originally adopted for use in IC production because they are relatively stable, nontoxic, noncorrosive, easy to handle, and low in cost. However, because
  • MICRO: Industry News
    Clara, CA. The reason? The design and manufacturing sides of the industry have the high-tech equivalent of a Mars-Venus problem. In the executive 's analogy, the designer is the architect, and the manufacturer is, of course, the construction crew. Sure, the manufacturing guy has a set of "blueprints