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  • Membrane Contactors: An Introduction To The Technology (.pdf)
    Over the last 3 years, the designs of micro-porous membrane contactors for gas-transfer applications have rapidly developed. These newly designed contactors have moved the technology from small laboratory-scale devices, limited to 5 to 10 gallons per minute (gpm) capacity, to large-scale industrial
  • How Many Cycles Will a Membrane Switch Survive?
    How many cycles will a membrane switch survive? When the Membrane Switch Subcommittee of ASTM International began its study of switch characteristics in 1992, members unanimously agreed that the term "life" was too general and vague. To put the committee's dilemma in perspective, consider how many
  • Humidification of Gas Streams Using Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors (.pdf)
    (R) Membrane Contactors offer a more efficient method. A membrane contactor is made from microporous hydrophobic hollow fiber membranes, which repel water and allow stable gas-liquid interface to form without dispersion. If the liquid is water or an aqueous solution the membrane pores remain
  • Mansfield Brewery Uses Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors to Nitrogenate Beer
    The non-dispersive diffusion system features a Liqui-Cel (R)‚ Extra-Flow TM Membrane Contactor manufactured by Celgard, Inc. of Charlotte, NC. The high efficiency contactor features a hollow-fiber contact medium and has been used to transfer a variety of dissolved gases, to or from an aqueous
  • Bubble Removal from Aqueous Streams Using SuperPhobic (R) Membrane Contactors (.pdf)
    Many manufacturing processes, analytical measurements, and other industrial processes and procedures that involve aqueous based solutions, are adversely affected by bubbles in the fluid stream. SuperPhobic (R) Membrane Contactors provide a very simple, cost effective solution to eliminate bubbles
  • Bubble Removal from Inks Using SuperPhobic (R) Membrane Contactors (.pdf)
    When liquids and gases are brought into contact, mass transfer between the gas and liquid phases will occur. The concentration of gas dissolved in the liquid will continue to increase until equilibrium is reached. When gas concentrations in a liquid reach equilibrium, the liquid is gas-saturated
  • Optimized Deaeration System for Paulaner Brewery
    pressure of gases in contact with the water changes, then the partial pressure of the oxygen in the water will also change. Liqui-Cel (R) degassing contactors (Diagram 2) create a very large surface area within a small volume. Membrane degasifiers use a hollow fiber membrane to provide the surface area
  • Medical Device Link . Troubleshooting protein binding in nitrocellulose membranes
    into contact with the nitrocellulose membrane wall. The capture line will thus be wider on an 8- um membrane than on a 0.45- um membrane, because of both the increased lateral wicking rate and the increased distance traveled by the protein before immobilization. Nonspecific signal

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