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  • Measuring Flatness with Knight Optical (UK) Ltd Monochromatic Lights
    Light bands formed by using an optical flat and a. monochromatic light source represent an inexpensive yet accurate method of checking surface flatness. The monochromatic light on which the following diagramatic interpretations are based comes from a. helium filled tube source which eliminates all
  • Measuring Flatness Optically
    Knight Optical monochromatic light units use a low pressure sodium light source which gives very economic. running costs and a long operating life.
  • Using Optical Flats
    and 1/20 accuracies are available. When an optical flat's polished surface is placed in contact with a surface to be tested, dark and light bands will be formed when viewed with monochromatic light. These bands are known as interference fringes and their shape gives a visual representation
  • UVT 101: Everything You Need to Know at UVT for UV Disinfection
    Measurement of UV Transmittance is important for ultraviolet (UV) disinfection of drinking water, wastewater, and process water. Low-pressure UV disinfection systems disinfect water using monochromatic UV light at the 254 nm wavelength. The effectiveness of a UV disinfection system is determined
  • Explaining Laser Marking Technology
    , directional output of monochromatic (single. wavelength) light. This can be understood when one thinks of two light sources; the florescent light that is. probably above your desk right now and the laser pointer you got as a give-away at a tradeshow. Whereas. both sources emit light, the florescent bulb does

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