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    Telephones and Cellular Phones - (490 companies)
    ...technologies. Cell phones are cordless, usually digital devices that are specified as dual-band or tri-band to indicate the combination of supported technologies and frequency bands. Corded telephones consist of a speaker, microphone, duplex coil...
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    Phone Switchboards - (54 companies)
    Phone switchboards are used for routing telephone calls and adding advanced features to telephone systems. Traditional electromechanical devices have been largely replaced by computer-based applications that reside on web servers, application...
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    Phone Jacks and Plugs - (192 companies)
    Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones. They are also known as modular jacks (female) and modular plugs (male). Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones and other audio systems. They are also known as modular...
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    Photovoltaic Cells - (182 companies)
    Photovoltaic cells or solar cells generate a voltage when radiant energy falls on the boundary between dissimilar substances. Photovoltaic cells or solar cells generate a voltage when radiant energy falls on the boundary between dissimilar...
    Hot Cells - (8 companies)
    How to Select Hot Cells. Hot cells are shielded radiation containment chambers that allow operators to safely handle and manipulate radioactive isotopes. They are used in both the nuclear energy industry and in nuclear medicine. Construction. Hot...
    Load Cells - (387 companies)
    Load cells are force sensors that often incorporate mechanical packaging to fit into testing and monitoring systems. They can be used for tension, compression, and/or shear measurement, and can be configured to measure force or load along one...
    Photoconductive Cells - (36 companies)
    Photoconductive cells are light-sensitive resistors, in which resistance decreases with an increase in light intensity when illuminated. Photoconductive cells are light-sensitive resistors in which resistance decreases with an increase in light...
    Fuel Cell Stacks - (27 companies)
    How to Select Fuel Cell Stacks and Assemblies. Fuel cell stacks and assemblies consist of individual fuel cells that are combined either in series to provide a higher usable voltage, or in parallel to provide a higher usable current. Each cell...
    Fuel Cells - (114 companies)
    Fuel cells produce electricity and heat electrochemically by combining oxygen from the air with a fuel, preferably hydrogen, from methanol, natural gas, or petroleum. Reformers are often used in conjunction with fuel cells. Fuel cells and fuel cell...
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    Manufacturing cells and manufacturing systems consist of a number of machines organized together to perform multiple operations on a workpiece. Manufacturing cells and manufacturing systems consist of a number of machines organized together...

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  • Security and Privacy: Facing Ethical Choices
    If a user has several accounts but a single cell phone number, keying on the cell phone number can cause the accounts’ metadata to mingle in unexpected ways—for example, a photo from a personal account could be served when communica- tion is .... There are business interests: the government is a large customer for secure com- munication devices. .... Is there harm in making the NSA - approved Dual EC-DRBG the default random number generator in the BSAFE toolkit, even though it’s slower than others?
  • ^`nrfpfqflk=obpb^o`e= pmlkploba=obmloq=pbofbp=
    Virtually all newer cell phones are equipped with the hardware requirements for this type of capability. .... hashing algorithms: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH), and the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA … Suite B specification, this combination can provide security for information up to the secret level ( NSA , 2009). .... that doing so eliminates the need for re-manufacturing, re-certifying, and re- approving the new model.
  • An Approach to Wireless Communications at Sandia National Laboratories
    This approach would involve: • Wireless RF data networks (both inside and outside the limited areas) everywhere except the most secure places, where diffused IR networks would be used; and • Cellular phones and PDAs in most parts of the campus, allowing … Improved information exchange, • Elimination of costs incurred by carrying multiple devices (pager, cell phone, PDA, etc .... Assuming proper protections and configurations are in place, this can be approved locally at Sandia, without needing … be used by the National Security Agency and plans to continue working with NSA “to address the…
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Department of Defense > Department of the Air Force > Directives > 33 - Communications and Information > [FDBKF20050510165106577...
    Dual mode digital CTs will default back to analog operation whenever digital cell site signal strength is .... The analog cellular version of the Secure Telephone Unit-III (STU-III) is out of production. .... cellular STU-III assets will continue to receive encryption key support from the NSA central facility until .... Recommend migrating to newer NSA- approved secure (e.g., Future Narrowband Digital Terminal) capable CT/PCS/ESMR, where available. .... phone billing.
  • Establishing a reliable communication link between military and public safety officials
    MUOS can support either “black” telephones, using FIPS 140 security for authentication and encryption of bearer traffic, or secure encrypted “red” telephones, which add NSA - approved and controlled Type 1 security for bearer traffic. .... Hence, upgrades to keep pace with commercially available cell phone technology are feasible throughout the life of the system.
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, November 3, 2010 > [75 FR 67697] Privacy Act of 1974; Systems of Records
    Individual information to include: Title, full name, Social Security Number (SSN), current address, permanent address, phone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, office address, office phone number, office fax number, office e-mail address; self-certification of U.S. citizenship; security .... The DoD "Blanket Routine Uses" set forth at the beginning of the NSA /CSS compilation of systems .... Buildings are secured by a series of guarded pedestrian gates and checkpoints. .... Disposition pending (until the National Archives and Records Administration has approved the disposition of these records, treat…
  • A New Era of Presidential Security: The President and His BlackBerry
    mericans are addicted to their personal digi- tal assistants (PDAs) or handheld computers (for example, MP3 players, Web browsers, cell phones , and smart phones), and President Barack Obama is no exception. .... President Obama’s super- secure device, “BlackBerry 1,” is pur- ported to be encrypted to stop foreign intelligence agencies from … unique special features.3 Specula- tively, some believe that Obama has a US National Security Agency ( NSA ) encrypted device, the General .... The NSA has approved this phone for sending and receiving classified emails and phone calls.
  • D&R Headline News: SoC (System on Chip), Silicon IP, Semiconductor IP, Software IP, Verification IP, Core, Design Reuse
    • Altera's Military Solutions Secure Networked Battlefield with NSA - Approved Cyclone III LS FPGA. .... • MagnaChip to Offer Cost Competitive Compact Standard Cell Library for Low Power Applications. .... • Spreadtrum Selects Arteris High-Speed Interchip Communications IP for Mobile Phone Baseband Memory Sharing .
  • Xilinx Space-Grade Virtex-5QV FPGA in Production with Mega-Rad Capability
    The Virtex-5QV device offers 130,000 logic cells , 320 DSP Slices supporting fixed and floating point … and space-grade FPGAs; a complete ecosystem of IP from image processing to approved security; and advanced .... Your Phone Number:. .... • NSA Approved Defense-Grade Spartan-6Q FPGA in Production for Highest Level Cryptographic Capabilities Strengthens Xilinx Secure Leadership .
  • U.S. export controls on encryption technology
    ' 7 5 The FBI claimed that the new switching technologies and technologies such as cell phones and call forwarding had made it difficult to install court-authorized wiretaps. .... During the 1980s, secure telephones had become commonplace in the national security community, with AT&T, Motorola and .... The NSA , along with the FBI and NIST, had been largely focused on encryption in computers, so … using DES, the controversial, too-powerful algorithm that the NSA now regretted ever approving , would pose enormous…