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    Drawing Software - (22 companies)
    Drawing software aids in creating illustrations using vectors and/or rasters in two or three dimensions; illustrations are often represented as charts, diagrams, graphs, and images. This type of software also includes drafts of technical drawings...
  • Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM)-Image
    Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM) - (706 companies)
    ...and computer-aided manufacturing software (CAD/CAM) allows engineers, architects, and designers to create conceptual drawings for assessment and approval. Since both CAD and CAM use computer-based methods for encoding geometrical data, it is possible...
    Pneumatic Fittings - (203 companies)
    Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) lines and systems. Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) systems...
    Gas Fittings - (82 companies)
    ...flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gaskets to connect dissimilar DWV pipe and fittings, ASTM F2817 is the standard specification for PVC gas pressure pipe and fittings for maintenance or repair, and BS EN 10301 discusses steel tubes and fittings...
    Sanitary Fittings - (108 companies)
    ...are categorized based on the three different types of vessels they can be designed for: pipes, tubes and hoses. Pipes are hollow cylinders of uniform material with a certain amount of rigidity and permanence. Pipe sizes are defined nominally, meaning...
    Hydraulic Fittings - (277 companies)
    ...these are used for low pressure applications or when hydraulic tubes are not available. They can be connected by welds or threaded connections. Because of the larger diameters the pipe can usually be inspected internally after welding. Hydraulic hose...
    Piping Systems - (137 companies)
    Pipe systems are used for the conveyance of drinking water, waste water, chemicals, heating and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, ultra-pure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air and vacuum system applications, both for above and below ground...
    Pipe Fittings - (1901 companies)
    ...include: PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) - a common plastic for pipe fittings. PVC is a rigid plastic which can come in a variety of pressure ratings. Fittings are connected via threads or solvent welding (glue). Standard applications include cold water...
    Mechanical Engineering Services - (753 companies) develop machinery and robotics. Fastener design services also use CAD software, but to design hardware such as bolts and screws. Composite structure design services specialize in the development of advanced composites and other engineered...
    Plastic Pipe - (204 companies)
    ...and as culvert pipes and DWV pipes for drain, waste, and vent applications. Materials. Common materials for plastic pipe include: polyvinyl chloride (PVC). chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). high-density polyethylene (HDPE). low-density polyethylene...

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  • A new sampler for stratified lagoon chemical and microbiological assessments
    formed by sequential addition from the bottom of a (14.5 cm wide×114 cm across×99 cm high) tank through a vertical PVC inlet pipe . Pre-deployment sam- ples (20 mL) were drawn by syringe at three depths through serum bottle stopper … … Alpha Innotech, San Leandro, CA) and 595/55 nm filter, with image capture and spot density analysis software .
    Because there is an extensive range of PVC pipe fittings, it was known that a tee-shaped PVC component in the necessary and not-yet-determined size would be easily available. Finally, a way in which to carry the water being drawn to the pump, and then being … When brainstorming and designing the basic plunger pump, no solid modeling software was used.
  • A personal computer graphical environment for industrial distribution system education, design, and analysis
    In this software , the 40 W fluorescent lamps are used as the lighting sources. 6) Wire Options: In accordance with the loading conditions, the size of conductor in electrical wiring and the diameter of PVC pipe can be obtained. 7) Protective Coordination Displaying and Drawing : The .
  • Progress in Clean Energy, Volume 1
    Figure 29.1 shows the pipe drawn and meshed by using the CFD software . On the other hand, the outer pipe is made up of PVC , where the nanofluid flows through …
  • Simple model of a transport/diffusion system
    … between concentration and conductivity, their specific relationship would have to be included in the data acquisition software . … 1ml of NaCl satu- rated solution was injected into the stream at the pipe inlet using a … The basic system consists of a horizontal PVC pipe 6m long and 13” in inner diameter. Flow was determined from a DC (12V) submerged centrifugal pump drawing water from a feed tank and …
  • Design of Delivery Device for Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection
    Solid Edge (version 16), a solid modeling CAD software application was used to translate 2D drawings to 3D models on the computer. … materials, the following factors were considered: Cost of material Mechanical properties (functional) Manufacturability Availability Based on the above criteria the following materials were identified and purchased for making the prototype: Aluminum rod and disc; PVC sheet and pipe ; Teflon Sheet; Open head …
    Payments other than VISA/MasterCard must be made in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank … … Testing Equipment [ ] Clarifiers [ ] Coagulators [ ] Coatings, Protective [ ] Color Removal [ ] Computer Consultants [ ] Computer Hardware & Software [ ] Computer Services [ ] Condensate … … Garden Filters [ ] Garnet [ ] Gaskets, O-Rings [ ] Gauges [ ] Greensand [ ] Greywater [ ] Grid Plates [ ] Heat Shrink PVC [ ] Heating Elements [ ] High … … Chemical [ ] Neutralizers, pH [ ] Nitrate Removal [ ] Ohmmeters [ ] Oxygen Generators [ ] Ozone Systems [ ] Phosphate Removal [ ] Phosphates [ ] Pipe [ ] Pipe Fittings [ ] Pipe …
  • AWWA M32 - Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems
    Most software packages allow the use of both formulas in the same analysis. Pipe Material PVC and PE Ductile Iron, Steel, AC Cement–Mortar Lined—good workmanship 24 in. and larger Cement–Mortar Lined—smaller than 24 in. Finish Glass, Drawn Metals Steel, PVC, AC Coated Steel Galvanized, Clay Cast Iron or Cement Lined Spun …
    Figure 5-1: Left: Diagram of falling head permeameter used in the laboratory ( drawing from Bates[31). Water was mixed with red food coloring to facilitate the viewing of fluid flow, and the data collection first involved manually measuring a flow rate of dye penetrant from the bottom of the PVC pipes using a graduated cylinder or (later) a … … automatically using a serial port connection from the Mettler Toledo scale to a computer with manufacturer's software .
  • Triboelectric Phenomena in Suction-Type Dilute-Phase Pneumatic Transportation Systems for Granular Plastics
    The results of the charge measurements were then analyzed with the experimental design software MODDE 5.0 … The program calculates the coefficients of the mathematical model, evaluates their statistical significance, draws the response contours … TABLE III FARADAY-CAGE-MEASURED CHARGE q AND COMPUTED CHARGE PER MASS q/m OF HIPS PARTICLES IN THE PVC PIPE , FOR THE 11 RUNS OF THE COMPOSITE EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN .