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  • Network Media Converters-Image
    Network Media Converters - (355 companies) the same time. Selection Network type is the most important consideration when selecting network media converters. Common network types include asynchronous transfer mode, Ethernet, token ring, optical carrier, single mode fiber, and multimode...
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  • Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Chips-Image
    Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Chips - (121 companies)
    Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) chips transform information from analog to digital form. Analog-to-digital converter chips (ADCs) transform information from analog to digital form. ADCs receive analog input, perform calculations on the analog...
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  • Temperature Probes-Image
    Temperature Probes - (811 companies)
    Temperature probes are devices used to sense and measure temperature. Probe technology options include thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, and solid state types. Temperature can be measured via a diverse array of sensors. All of them infer temperature...
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  • RTD Temperature Transmitters-Image
    RTD Temperature Transmitters - (389 companies)
    Resistance temperature detector (RTD) temperature transmitters convert RTD resistance measurements to current signals, eliminating the problems inherent in RTD signal transmission via lead resistance. RTD temperature transmitters convert the RTD...
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  • SCSI Converters-Image
    SCSI Converters - (9 companies)
    SCSI converters translate between the various SCSI interfaces such as single-ended to high-voltage differential (HVD), or HVD to low-voltage differential (LVD), etc. SCSI converters enable interoperability between different SCSI bus types. Also...
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    Thermocouple Simulators and RTD Simulators - (41 companies)
    Thermocouple simulators and resistance temperature detector (RTD) simulators provide precise standard values of resistance or voltage for simulation and calibration. Thermocouple simulators and RTD simulators provide precise standard values...
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    Signal Converters - (647 companies)
    Signal converters contain inputs for one type of signal and outputs of another. Features can also include filtering and amplification or attenuation. A signal is an electric current or electromagnetic field used to convey data from one place...
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    RTD Temperature Probes - (428 companies)
    RTD (resistive thermal device) temperature probes are types of thermal resistors which measure temperature as a function of resistance. How to Select Temperature Probes. Image Credit: AcroLab Ltd. | Ametek Test & Calibration Instruments | Endress...
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    Resistive Temperature Devices (RTD) Elements - (200 companies)
    Resistive temperature device (RTD) elements are wire windings or other thin-film serpentines that exhibit changes in resistance with changes in temperature. They are usually made of metallic elements or alloys such as copper, nickel, or nickel-iron...
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    GPIB Converters - (14 companies)
    GPIB converters translate data from the GPIB bus to another bus type, and vice versa. For instance, an RS232-to-GPIB converter translates serial commands generated by the RS232 interface into GPIB commands. GPIB converters translate data from...
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  • Wireless injection locking and phase noise reduction in a semiconductor laser driven by a resonant tunnelling diode nonlinear oscillator
    …the phase locking of the optical sub-carrier to the broadcasted signal clearly point towards the potential of the RTD -LD to operate as … and low cost wireless- to -optical converter , a simple and efficient … for emerging radio-over- fiber communication networks.
  • Precise Measurement of a Magnetic Field Generated by the Electromagnetic Flux Compression Technique
    The polarized light was transferred by optical fibers , and transformed to an electric signal by an O/E transformer (New Focus … then measured by a transient digital recorder (SONY Tektronix, RTD 710A digitizer), or an A/D con- verter board (Spectrum, M3i.4142…
  • Optoelectronic oscillator topologies based on resonant tunneling diode fiber optic links
    As in the previous configuration the RTD -PD acts as an O/E converter , and the laser diode performs the E/O conversion. .... The delay line corresponds to an optical fiber roll 405 m long acting as an optical feedback loop.
  • Modelling of a modulator based on resonant tunnelling diode switching
    …to InP can be of great importance for optical fibre communication, specially in high-speed fibre radio links as optoelectronic converter (rf-optical and optical … wavelength range where optical fibres have the lowest loss … dispersion (I .3 pm to 1.6 pm). .... In principle the RTD -OW can also operate as a light detector acting as an integrated amplifier…
  • Wireless/photonics interfaces based on resonant tunneling diode optoelectronic oscillators
    The integration and transmission of radio-frequency (RF) signals over fiber , RoF systems, can provide the solution for economic radio access points bringing the fixed network bandwidths closer to the mobile users at lower costs [1]. .... present experimental results on phase locking of broadcasted signals in a hybrid optoelectronic oscillator circuit consisting of a communication laser diode (LD) driven by a resonant tunneling diode ( RTD ), the RTD-LD, that … to-optical (E-O) converter (the circuit operation is…
  • Patent Awarded For Weed Instrument Field-Replaceable Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
    RTD 's also provide high immunity to electrical noise; they are thus outstanding for use in process and industrial automation environments, especially around motors, generators and other high voltage equipment. .... For over 35 years, Weed Instrument Company has been providing the industrial, power generation and aerospace markets with a broad selection of catalog and custom temperature sensors, pressure transmitters and fiber optic converters for serial data interfaces and bus systems.
  • Resonant tunneling technology for mixed signal and digital circuits in the 10-100 GHz domain
    In this large-scale integration RTD -HEMT technology we have demonstrated: a 4-bit, 3 GHz analog- to -digital converter , a 3 GHz (50 dB spur free dynamic range) clocked quantizer, a 3 GHz sample & hold (55 dB linearity), clock circuits .... Other circuits of interest include mux/demux, true time delay, direct digital synthesizers, and fiber receiver functions with…
  • Analysis of 1.55[mu]m semiconductor lasers for modelocked operation
    Demultiplexer and Reset 52 MS/s CFM2 Fig.l 208- MS/s phase-encoded time- demultiplexed optical sampling system conprised of (i) a fiber ier mode-locked using a resonant tunneling diode ( RTD ) oscillator, ai a dual-output LiNbOs, Mach-Zehnder interferometer, (iii) a … quantitative analysis on the maximum achievable resolution for a given sampling frequency leads to a study of .... In the proposed optical A/D converter , the noise introduces itself at different segments of the system.
  • High speed electroabsorption modulator by integration of a RTD with an optical waveguide
    Optical distribution of the modulated millimeter- wave frequency carrier demands ultra-high-speed fibre -optic links, which require in turn ultra-high-speed and low drive voltage integrated optoelectronic RF-optical and optical-RF converters [l]. .... 2-51, high speed switching [6]-[8],and optoelectronic applications [9]-[131, due to their high speed … performance of a high speed electroabsorption modulator based on the integration of a RTD with an optical…
  • Modeling of a Resonant Tunneling Diode Optical Modulator
    The AlGaAs/GaAs material system is interesting for short hall communications in the wavelength range around 900 nm, and the InGaAlAs/InP material system is useful in the wavelength range where optical fibres have the lowest loss … chromatic dispersion (1300 nm to 1600 nm). .... Our group has successfully integrated AlGaAs and InGaAlAs RTDs within unipolar AlGaAs/GaAs and InGaAlAs/InP optical waveguides, respectively … we report mod- eling results of the device operating as an electro-optical converter at 1550 nm…