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  • Do We Still Need SMT Adhesives?
    SMT Adhesives are used in the semiconductor industry to bond films and other materials to substrates. This article will discuss what SMT adhesives are, their importance in the electronics industry, how they are made, and whether another technology can replace them.
  • SMT Adhesive Dispensing (.pdf)
    The adhesive dispensing process, can be defined as the process of transferring adhesive onto the PCB solder mask in a position suitable for holding the later placed components until the PCB is wave soldered. In some cases, this process is also used to hold heavy components in the second pass
  • SMT Adhesive Selection: Factors to Consider for Different Assembly Processes
    MT adhesives, also known as structural adhesives, are a type of adhesive that is commonly used in assembly processes. These adhesives are designed to provide strong and durable bonds between different substrates, such as metals, plastics, and composites. The selection of the right adhesive
  • What Is SMT Epoxy Adhesive? And How to Apply SMD Epoxy Adhesive ?
    It is a durable and robust adhesive perfect for bonding and sealing composite substrates. Read on to learn more about SMT epoxy adhesive, including how it can be used in various applications such as bonding dissimilar materials, sealing joints, and repairing surfaces.
  • When To Use Surface Mount Adhesive Glue To Bond SMT Components And Bottom Side Underfill Chip Bonding
    Several situations call for the use of an adhesive to bond SMT components. Find out how you can determine which type of adhesive is needed and what conditions will require a different bonding method altogether.
  • Best bga underfill epoxy adhesive glue solutions for excellent surface mount SMT component performance
    There are many challenges that manufacturers face in different industries. These issues can only be handled by the use of underfill adhesives. There are many partial or full underfill solutions that allow fast cure and flowability at room temperature. It is important to find the best underfill
  • How to use a smt underfill epoxy adhesive in various applications
    Underfill is a liquid polymer type applied to PCBs after going through a reflow process. After the underfill is placed, it is then allowed to cure, encapsulating the bottom side of a chip covering fragile interconnected pads between the board's top side and the chip's bottom side. Underfills offers
  • Using PCB smt underfill epoxy and bga underfill material for different applications
    Underfill applications make use of different adhesive compounds to fill up gaps that exist between PCBs and microchip packages. This is very important because different chip packages, like chip scale packages and ball grid arrays, have to be surface mounted.
  • What is Electronic Glue?
    Electronic adhesive, also known as electronic adhesive or conductive adhesive, is a specialized adhesive designed for electronic applications, used for bonding, sealing, potting, coating, structural bonding, co coating, and SMT mounting of electronic and electrical components. Its formula can bond
  • Large Thin Organic PTFE Substrates for Multichip Applications
    involved using a. 0.47mm thick PTFE substrate in a 65mm size format, having 8 memory devices surrounding a central ASIC, with numerous capacitors, in double-sided format. The application was developed as a pluggable module by using SMT attached pin/socket, and has a heatspreader which is in thermal contact

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