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  • Hanford Works monthly report, December 1952
    One consisted of II stages driven by miniature roller chains and sprockets° This is similar to the drive system used on the original "mini" mlxer-settler fabricated at Hanford° … single motor using the "0_'ring drive system recently developed in the shop° The ultra precision bearings required …
  • New Products and News From SDP/SI
    Ultra - Miniature 3.117mm Pitch Molded Chain Drives From SDP Feature Unit Link Construction Idler Rollers from SDP/SI Feature Multiple Applications .
  • Amyloid: not only pathological substances, but also ordered nanomaterials
    … resembles the processes of crystallization and gel formation (image 1).[7,23] First, small oligomers arise, that … … interactions and p-p-stack-interactions - that are formed both between the side chains and in the … The ordered ultra structure Amyloid refers however to that the specific patterns of molecular interactions play the deciding role in the aggregation not about unspezifische hydrophobic interactions.
  • Over the roller of the transfiniten final manners in a general ideal theory
    For evidence benotigen we of the general set theory the auxiliary set 1: Every infinite amount P is representable as association amount of a chain R of amounts a b Machtigkeiten of which are lesser the of P. An important SpezialfaIl of this of set is the set of the ultra filter (BOURBAKI[5], S … J. Schmidt, roller of the transfiniten SchluBweisen in a general ideal theory.
  • Physical aspects of different Tomosynthesesysteme
    F system noise: This consists of the so-called structural noise of the detector and the electronics noise of the connected image processing chain ; the system noise had to be appreciably lower than the expected quantum noise [11, 12]. … MTF and the SNR are influenced through the pixel size (high MTF through small pixels, high SNR … The election of the right pixel size plays therefore a large role in the optimization of the … … in particular as the individual receivings with only respectively very low dose (" ultra the low-dose …
  • Konfinalität
    … fineness after ordered hierarchy of all Konfinalitatstypen play therefore unverzweigten Konfinalitiitstypen just the roller the, atoms " … Every terininale chain B' specifically contains after the refinement set iibrigens of HAUSDORFFist in an ultra chain B, and B' is selbstverstandlich then terminally and therewith konfinal in B: B and B' are ahnlich in particular konfinal, reprasentieren the same Konfinalitatstypus. Under these, it gives a within the meaning of CANTORSWohlordnung of ordinal numbers least .
  • Germans Bunsen‐Gesellschaft discussion convention on 26th and March 27, 1943 in Frankfurt a. M.
    Your persecution by degradation processes offers the Moglichkeit, between regellosem smashing of the chain and the presence preferably cleavable to distinguish periodically in the chain of distributed bonds. … the particle form and obtains an Uberblick kcnnen in which the solvation effects play a role AusrnaB. - It is still to erwahnen, also the daB study of the small angular scattering iiber on egg … … mountain erwahnt a new work Svedbergs's iiber cellulose-slogans, in the with the ultra centrifuge Kettenlangen were …
  • Over the influence of the stability of aerosols
    … a Loeker ~ ng while the gr6Beren partial marriages on costs Beliihrungsstellen versehwinden of lesser waehsen vnd. By naphthalene chains , we could a roller in time of d!ese of Beobaehtung maehen noeh whereat sieherlieh aueh only sees the Ve:dempfvng (i.e. the steaming delivery to the environment) have played meg. … H. friend and E. Hiedemann (61--64), a dab under intensive exposure yon ultra maritime hall shafts …
  • Critical studies on permeability series
    The entsprieht of the Verli ~ ngerung of the C chain about a strongly hydrophobic group whereas the Glykolsgure as Oxyessigs ~ ure have a strongly hydrophilic OH group. … view in materials in spite of grSBerer ~ M1) quicklier Ms such also lesser ~ M / … What fiir COLLA ~ DEI ~ SKollodiummembranen applies, to play a role mul ~ also by the … … without Zuhilfenahme of a LSsungsvorganges of erkl~rba~r,und the factor Z kSnnte, namlich the ultra filter principle.
  • Parakristalline phases. Part II: application examples and practical meaning
    Thereby, the S gate position-concentration in the grain boundaries of the ultra fibrils plays that a deciding role like erwahnt. … gleichsimig Abb. 13 the stretched material at ends s. through which the lamellae schrag to chains encounter. A further, again developed of the small angular scattering example [17] gives to Abb. 14: The zunachst …