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  • Description: Our achromatic lenses offer near diffraction limited performance from 345-700nm, ideal for fluorescence microscopy, or Nd:YAG laser applications. Greater than 90% transmission from 360-700 nm Ideal for fluorescence, UV light source & Nd: YAG applications Near

    • Antireflection Coating: Yes
    • Focal Length: 25 to 125 mm
    • Lens Application: Visible, Ultraviolet
    • Number of Lenses: Doublet

  • Description: spherical, achromatic, aspheric, and cylindrical lenses, both with and without antireflection coatings deposited on the surfaces. Choose from various substrates, including N-BK7, UV fused silica, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, zinc selenide, germanium, and silicon. In addition,

    • Antireflection Coating: Yes
    • Center Thickness: 1.5 to 7.9 mm
    • Edge Thickness: 2.3 to 9.3 mm
    • Focal Length: -100 to 1000 mm

  • Description: An achromatic lens, often called an achromat, is a type of optical lens capable of correcting chromatic aberration, a distortion that occurs when glass splits white light into multiple colorwavelengths in the spectrum. Chromatic aberration is a common type of imaging defect.

    • Lens Application: Ultraviolet
    • Number of Lenses: Doublet, Triplet

  • Description: . Dayoptics' engineers have many years experience on fabrication on the lenses. Thus, we can produce the products with high precision and specification consistence based on our advanced inspection instrument for the lenses. The material used from UV to IR, such as Fused Silica,

    • Antireflection Coating: Yes
    • Center Thickness: 4 to 9 mm
    • Focal Length: 25 to 100 mm
    • Lens Application: Visible

  • Supplier: SCHOTT AG

    Description: Spherical lenses are used in many different applications to collect, focus and diverge light and are often components of lens systems that perform an achromatic function. Achromatics consist of two or three elements of different lenses cemented together to limit the effect of

    • Diameter / Length: 3 to 150 mm
    • Lens Application: Visible
    • Lens Type: Achromats, Spherical Lens
    • Materials: BK7 Glass, Crown Glass, Flint Glass, LaSFN9 Glass, SF5 Glass, SF11 Glass, UV Grade Fused Silica

  • Description: Optical Components and Optographics From UV to IR and Everything In-Between In Prototype and Production Quantities In addition to our Optographics capabilities, Gurley now offers a wide variety of high quality optical materials, optical components

    • Capabilities: Coatings, Design, High Volume Production, Prototyping
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only
    • Optic Type: Achromats, Beamsplitters, Lenses, Mirrors, Polarizing Optics, Prisms
    • Substrate: Glass, Metal, Other

  • Description: ) • TriOptics MTF Station (full optical system characterization & performance specs) • Shimadzu Spectrometer (measures transmission and reflection date; spectrum ranges from UV-250nm to Far IR-50um) • TriOptics OptiCentric 100 Dual – for testing, alignment and assembly of

    • Capabilities: Coatings, Design, High Volume Production, Testing
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only, Southwest US Only, Canada Only, East Asia / Pacific Only
    • Optic Type: Achromats, Aspheres, Beamsplitters, Crystals, Fiber Optics, Filters, Laser Optics, Lenses, Microoptics, Mirrors, Polarizing Optics, Prisms, Windows
    • Substrate: Glass, Metal

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