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  • UV-Cure Adhesives 101
    UV-curing adhesives can help get manufacturers out of sticky situations. A technician uses a UV curable adhesive for perimeter bonding an optic component to a metallic part. Organic adhesives usually contain solvents and various diluents or are composed of two components which must be carefully
  • Tech Tip 9 - UV Cure Adhesives
    UV curing adhesives offer a convenient way to quickly cure a product in specific applications. These types of chemistries offer two fundamentally different cure mechanisms, cationic or free radical, with varying cure parameters as well as end properties.
  • Real Time UV-Cure Profiling, Shrinkage Determination, and Post Cure Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Developing Network Systems
    Rheological behavior is directly associated with. performance qualities such as comfort in the case of. contact lenses, cure time in the case of fiber optic. coatings and inks, and ultimate mechanical strength. in the case of structural polymers.
  • The Effect of UV Intensity on the Cure Profiles of Developing Networks
    UV radiation is successfully. used for many photocuring. applications. Determination. and optimization of UV radiation is. an important aspect of UV curing. as it impacts material formulation,. production equipment and production. cost.
  • UV Curing Adhesives Shine
    Adhesive products have different ease-of-use characteristics. Some must be precisely weighed and mixed prior to. use. Some need a carefully controlled heat cycle to cure. properly. Some have a precarious pot life. Some offer a. narrow window of open time. And then there are the UV. curable
  • UV Curing Adhesives and Potting Compounds
    . Ultraviolet curable formulations are materials that cure (harden or polymerize) when exposed to ultraviolet light. Epoxies Etc... has developed an extensive line of UV curing products designed to fit a wide range of electronic, aerospace, decorative, and medical device applications. Ultraviolet light
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Of UV-Curable Coatings While Curing
    A method has been developed for following the. dynamic mechanical properties of a UV-curable coating. while the sample is curing. The resulting data and plots. can be used to measure the material's cure speed. The. precision is sufficiently high to allow small differences. in cure speed between
  • Tech Tip 5 - Using Expired Product
    Many EPO-TEK products will commonly have a shelf life of one year at room temperature. Several single component materials and some UV cure systems have. a six month shelf life or shorter due to the. chemical nature of that particular product. Please refer to the shelf life section on each product

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