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  • Improved Conductivity Analysis in Desalination Process
    Conductivity measurements are widely used in a. variety of industries and applications, including leak detection, clean-in-place, water treatment, interface detection, and notably, in desalination. As the need for fresh water escalates worldwide, the demand for desalination plants continues
  • Raw Water Intake Monitoring
    The Situation: Hydrocarbons in water intake used for municipal drinking water and desalination systems are commonly limited to 1 part per million. Occasionally, drinking water from rivers or lakes with commercial traffic or regular flooding is contaminated by hydrocarbons leaking into the water
    Water shortages and drought are becoming more common and longer-lasting throughout the world in places as far apart as California and China. Desalination is being hailed as one of the most effective solutions to the global water crisis.
  • The Right Formula for Successfully Expanding
    in many domestic nuclear and thermal power plants, steel mills and LNG receiving terminals. KC Samyang Water Systems also has a strong export record representing more than $10 million in revenue and more than 300 units of screening system equipment to desalination plants in the Middle East.
  • FILMTEC Membranes: Basics of RO and NF Historical Background
    Since the development of reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF) as practical unit. operations in the late 1950's and early 1960's, the scope for their application has been. continually expanding. Initially, reverse osmosis was applied to the desalination of seawater and brackish water

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  • Analysis of a non-grid-connected wind power-seawater desalination and hydrogen production base distribution in China
    With the localization of the seawater desalination equipment, domestic water desalination equipment costs will be 20%~30% lower than the imported products, and desalination costs can be reduced by 10%~ 15% at the same time (Table 1).
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    increasing demand for membrane equipment in particular will be caused by greater interest in water reuse and water desalination equipment , specifi- cally in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
  • On Microstructure and Microhardness of Isothermally Aged UNS S32760 and the Effect on Toughness and Corrosion Behavior
    Hence, this material grade is acknowledged and certified for use in saline corrosive environment (e.g., formation and produced waters in the oil and gas industries) and in seawater handling environ- ments (e.g., firefighting and water desalination equipment ).
  • Interfacial microstructure observation and nanoindentation measurements in mild steel/HT780 clad plate
    materials.2,3 Clad steels are used in commercial products such as chemical tankers, hot well tanks, sea water desalination equipment and pressure vessels.4,5 One of the most popular methods of producing clad steels is hot rolling.
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    … chemical bonding; SI units in water chemistry; basic laws of general chemistry; types of inorganic reaction; definition of important terms in water chemistry; calculations in water chemistry; water preparation processes; filtration methods;chemical treatments; sea water desalination equipment ; disinfection; measures for decreasing …
  • Entwicklung, Verarbeitung und Einsatz des stickstofflegierten, hochmolybdänhaltigen Stahles X 3 CrNiMoN 17 13 5
    Successful applications include textile industry (bleaching equipment, heating equipment), shipbuilding (driving shafts, exhaust gas coolers, waste gas condenser tubing), water desalination equipment , nuclear industry (evaporator for radioactive waste water, processing of radioactive waste in fluoride containing nitric acid), chemical industry (pressure container …
  • Hydrogen Production Using OTEC
    From above, we notice that the fresh water obtainable from the compound OTEC system and desalination water equipment can easily cover the required volume of fresh water for hydrogen production.
  • Status of Titanium Sponge Expansion
    Typical applications were as tubing for power plant surface condensers; electrodes in production of copper, chlorine, and perchlorate; reactors for chemical processing; and water desalination equipment .
  • Titanium in 1978
    Typical applications were as tubing for power plant surface condensers; electrodes in production of copper, chlorine, and perchlorate; reactors for chemical processing; and water desalination equipment .
  • Wastes - Solids, Liquids and Gases
    A combination of energy generation with water desalina- tion equipment as the steam user is a proposition frequently encountered in process industries.