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  • Selecting the Appropriate X-ray Fluorescence Instrument for High Reliability Electronic Components and WEEE/RoHS Screening
    The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives require electronic components testing by both the commercial and High Reliability markets. X-ray fluorescence measurement is an ideal method for this testing because
  • Medical Device Link .
    x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans of the hip or spine, scans which may be inconvenient, if not expensive, to obtain. However, a company specializing in computer-aided diagnostics technology has come up with a plan to provide osteoporosis screening to more women. CompuMed (Los Angeles;
  • Medical Device Link .
    this with the expense and inconvenience of x-ray procedures, and the need for alternative and complementary screening assays is clear. While no IVD test is yet available for primary screening for breast cancer, one test holds promise. The mammastatin serum assay (MSA) developed by Biotherapies Inc., the joint
  • Finding the needle in a haystack
    suspicious objects, and tag bags for manual inspection. The CX-25000 Mobile Cargo System from L-3 Communications puts out X-rays with 2.5 MeV of energy, enough to see through the truck and its cargo. It can screen 50 vehicles/hr. When a person walks through Syagen's screening portal, pulses of air ruffle
  • Case Studies by Organization
    of CO on Pt(111) Effect of Surface Phosphorus on the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene Accelerated Protein Structure Determination at AliX Pharmaceuticals - an Interview with Dr Denis Zeyer, Head of Structural Biology Combining Targeted Screening and Directed Crystallization

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  • Bases of the radiation physics and radiation protection
    Because of the increased values of its attenuation coefficients in the region of the K edges larger weakening factors at average photon energies and thus lesser material starches and lighter roentgen shields has been expected of the use of lighter materials.
  • Early detection measures by the bronchial carcinoma
    But so, the detection of einesVorteils only became by favour of the intensified simply refuted screening against the "conventional" proved namely annual roentgen screening , not however derWert.
  • Lung cancer screening?
    The curability of Lungenkrebser- krankungen,dieinScreeninguntersuchun- gengefundenwurden (diagnostiziertmittels thorax roentgen screening with a durchschnittlichenGrössevonca.20mm) has investigated Flehinger et al.[14] for carcinomas in the stage I.
  • The anaesthesiology
    An analysis of all works between 1996 and 2004 on the place value of a präoperativen roentgen screening showed 70 years, no advantage of such a screening with respect to the perioperative morbidity and lethality [21], in patients > also.
  • Kinderradiologische diagnosis by suspicion of child abuse
    To the skeleton roentgen screening beiVerdacht on child abuse, doesn't belong.
  • Is the roentgen thorax receiving by resets justified?
    A roentgen screening by all Adjusting only the exclusive presence of a positive Tuberkulintests isn't allowed legally medically seems to represent no useful justifying indication show a whole series of studies how [39, 42].
  • Nichtakzidentelle head injuries and shaking trauma-syndrome
    As always as possible through ophthalmologists; primarily undilatiert, always follow-ups in Mydriasis skeleton- roentgen screening .
  • To the disclosure authority by references to child abuse, but unclear damage mechanism
    … s] could be a rare metabolic disease the cause what is still clarified, and also, that weiterführende diagnostic investigations (eye background investigations and Babygramm [is it the of the Kl. in the appeal principle now missing roentgen screening ]) have provided just no …
  • Beginning of bridge welding 80 years ago
    Bekanntlich, the technical roentgen review was already introduced 1926, an own experimental institution for it in Witten mountain was set up by the rich web for its installations .
  • Movement as therapy
    - Coronary angiography is a roentgen review of the Durchgängigkeit of the coronary sinus.