Power Entry Modules Information

Power Entry Modules Information

Power entry modules are composed of a connector and a mounting case with features to produce the highly conditioned output necessary for medical or sensitive instrumentation. These features can include:


  • EMI line-filters
  • On/off switches
  • Built-in fuses and circuit breakers
  • RFI filters

  • Overload protection

Performance Specifications


Important performance specifications to consider when searching for power entry modules include:


  • Maximum rated voltage: the maximum voltage the power entry module can safely transmit.
  • Maximum operating current: the maximum current the power entry module can safely transmit.

  • Number of contacts: the number of conductive elements in a power entry module that mate with a corresponding element to provide an electrical path.

Connector Types


  • NEMA
  • IEC
  • CEE

  • Power Entry Modules InformationJIS

Common Termination Types


  • Crimp

  • Lugs
  • Quick connect
  • Screw
  • Solder

  • Tabs



Common features of power entry modules include:


  • Circuit breakers
  • EMI / RFI filters
  • Fuse protected
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Ground fault interrupters
  • Hospital grade
  • Integral switch
  • Locking
  • Moisture or oil resistant
  • Surge protector

Power Entry Modules InformationIn the event of excessive power transfer through the connector, the circuit breaker will "trip," severing the connection to electrical supply. EMI and RFI filters eliminate low or high frequency noise.


Fuse protected devices are equipped with an integral fuse protection device. Protects against mild to moderate spikes or peaks in electrical supply; fuse will blow before power entry module is damaged.


Gold-plated contacts allow for a more reliable electrical connection. Gold-plated contacts are more expensive than silver-plated or copper contacts, and are generally offered as an upgraded power entry module.


Ground fault interrupters detect an interruption or fault of the ground connection and open the circuit for safety considerations. Often incorporates a reset button.


Hospital grade power entry modules conform to rigorous safety standards associated with official Hospital Grade certification; testing includes prevention of inadvertent plug disengagement from outlet and increased shock and impact ratings.


Toggling an integrated switch to the "off" position stops electrical power transfer through the power entry module. Locking allows for the provision to lock power entry module to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent disconnection.




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