Printing and Marking Equipment is comprised of all types of equipment that is used to print or mark an object.
Industrial Printing Equipment Categories

Barcode Printers (343 suppliers)

Barcode printers are used to output barcode data in printed form.

Computer Printers and Plotters (723 suppliers)

Computer printers and plotters are used to output industrial data in printed form.

Etchers and Etching Machines (61 suppliers)

Etchers and etching machines remove material from the surface of a part using an acid or alkaline chemical solution. Etchers and etching machines, also known as chemical milling machines, use masking substances to protect some surface areas of the part, providing selective material removal or patterning.

Industrial Printing Equipment (614 suppliers)

Industrial printing equipment includes screen printers, pad printers and offset printers. These devices are used for applying inks and colors to packaging cartons, web or sheet material and other packaging supplies.

Ink and Toner Cartridges (214 suppliers)

Ink cartridges and toner cartridges contain pigment for use in printers, fax machines and copiers.

Ink Jet Printers (441 suppliers)

Ink jet printers project electrically charged droplets of ink onto a page. Types of ink jet printers include thermal and piezo.

Kiosk and POS Printers (113 suppliers)

Kiosk and POS printers are used with kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems such as electronic cash registers (ECR) and electronic funds transfer (EFT) devices.

Label Materials (379 suppliers)

Label materials are blank or pre-printed film, paper or other backing used for the creation of print and labeling products. 

Label Printers (434 suppliers)

Label printers are used to print a variety of labels or adhesive stamps. Most label printers are capable of printing bar codes.

Laser Printers (315 suppliers)

Laser printers use a laser beam to produce an image on a drum that is rolled through a reservoir of toner. The beam is picked up by the charged portions of the drum to fuse the image onto paper.

Marking and Engraving Equipment (558 suppliers)

Marking and engraving equipment marks or engraves products and packages with bar codes, lot codes, date stamps, graphics, labels, and other information. Marks are applied during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to generate labels or papers for subsequent application.

Marking Stamps and Type (103 suppliers)

Marking stamps and marking type include hot stamps and metal stamps are used to leave an impression on a target object. Rubber stamps are used to mark items with ink.

Printer Mechanisms (98 suppliers)

Printer mechanisms are used in kiosks, lottery machines, ticketing machines, and cash registers. They include thermal, laser and dot matrix printing technology.

Stencil Machines (31 suppliers)

Stencil machines cut or print fonts and symbols on materials and substrates. They are used to create stencils for marking applications, or to print stencils for SMT applications.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Foils (36 suppliers)

Hot stamping foils or films are used to emboss a metallic or colored finish onto a surface, usually through a thermal bonding or hot stamping process.


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