Microprocessors and microcontrollers are IC chips that perform arithmetic and logic operations.

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Cell Processors (9 suppliers)

Cell processors are multi-core processors that use cellular architecture for high performance distributed computing. They are made of hardware and software cells whose interoperability is similar to how neural cells perform in the human brain.
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Chipsets (37 suppliers)

Chipsets are single chips that provide many of the functions of a motherboard. Generally, they integrate the clock generator, bus controllers, system timer, interrupt controller, DMA controller, CMOS/RAM clock, and keyboard controller functions.
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CPU Chips (60 suppliers)

CPU chips or central processing unit chips are used in digital computers and are the semiconductor component where most calculations take place.
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Digital signal processors (DSPs) are specialized microprocessors designed specifically for digital signal processing, usually in real-time. DSPs can also be used to perform general-purpose computations, but are not optimized for this function.
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Microcontrollers (MCU) (296 suppliers)

Microcontrollers (MCUs) are complete computer systems on a chip. They combine an arithmetic logic unit (ALU), memory, timer/counters, serial port, input/output (I/O) ports and a clock oscillator.
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Microprocessor chips (MPU) are silicon devices that serve as the central processing unit (CPU) in computers. They contain thousands of electronic components and use a collection of machine instructions to perform mathematical operations and move data from one memory location to another.
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Network Processors (28 suppliers)

Network processors handle a wide array of tasks needed to support network systems, including routing, compression, encryption, authentication, and protocol conversion.
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Smart Card Chips (27 suppliers)

Smart card chips contain a microprocessor and/or memory. They are embedded in smart cards; portable devices that resemble credit cards but are used in applications such as banking and health care.
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