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Devices used to detect (optical, Hall effect, inductive, etc.) or measure changes in displacement.
Displacement Sensing Categories

Capacitive Linear Position Sensors (38 suppliers)

Capacitive linear position sensors are devices that sense position / displacement using capacitance technology.

Eddy Current Linear Encoders (24 suppliers)

Eddy current linear encoders detect the distance from a target by using magnetic fields generated by a reference and sensing coils.

Hall Effect Position Sensors (82 suppliers)

Hall effect position sensors are non-contact devices that convert energy from a magnetic field into an electrical signal. They use the Hall effect, a voltage caused by current-flow in the presence of a magnetic field.

Inductive Linear Position Sensors and Switches (88 suppliers)

Inductive linear position sensors and switches are noncontact devices that determine an object's coordinates (linear or angular) with respect to a reference.

Linear Encoders (270 suppliers)

Linear encoders sense and digitize linear position change for positional measurement and feedback to control systems.

Linear Position Sensors (777 suppliers)

Linear position sensors is a general search form for all linear position / displacement detection product areas.

Linear Potentiometers (88 suppliers)

Linear potentiometers are sensors that produce a resistance output proportional to the displacement or position.

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT) (99 suppliers)

Linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) linear position sensors have a series of inductors in a hollow cylindrical shaft and a solid cylindrical core. These devices produce an electrical output proportional to the position of the core

Magnetoresistive Linear Position Sensors and Switches (50 suppliers)

Magnetoresistive linear position sensors and switches have a linear resistance output signal representing the distance an object is from a reference point.

Magnetostrictive Position Sensors (32 suppliers)

Magnetostrictive position sensors are non-contact linear position sensors that use the momentary interaction of two magnetic fields to produce a strain pulse that moves along a waveguide. One field is from a magnet that moves along the outside of the waveguide. The other field is from the waveguide itself.

Optical Linear Encoders (50 suppliers)

Optical linear encoders use fiber optic technology to sense position and displacement.

Optical Triangulation Position Sensors (74 suppliers)

Optical triangulation position sensors use reflected waves to pinpoint position and displacement. The source of these waves may be a light emitting diode (LED), infrared (IR) light, or laser.

Photoelectric Sensors (439 suppliers)

Photoelectric sensors use emitters and receivers to detect the presence, absence, or distance of target objects.

String Potentiometers (40 suppliers)

String Potentiometers are used to measure the movement and displacement of objects. A cable or wire is attached to an object, and as the object moves, the transducer produces an electrical signal proportional to the wire's linear extension.

Time of Flight Optical Sensors (58 suppliers)

Time of flight optical sensors determine displacement and distance by measuring the time it takes light to travel from the instrument to a target and back.

Ultrasonic Linear Position Sensors and Switches (89 suppliers)

Ultrasonic linear position sensors and switches use ultrasonic waves in combination with light and frequency readings for position and displacement sensing.

Variable Reluctance Linear Position Sensors and Switches (10 suppliers)

Variable reluctance linear position sensors and switches are non-contact devices that use variable reluctance based technology, and whose output signal represents the distance between an object and a reference point.


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Category: Capacitive Linear Position Sensors
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