From Analysis and Deformulation of Polymeric Materials: Paints, Plastics, Adhesives, and Inks


This chapter reviews materials commonly used in adhesives products. The major sources of this information were Skeist and Miron (1977) and Adhesives Age (1993). Adhesives materials suppliers are shown in Table 11.1.


11.2.1 Polyvinyl Acetal

The principal applications for polyvinyl acetal adhesives are glass and metal (Farmer and Jemmott, 1990), but they have excellent adhesion for paper, fibers, and plastics. Monsanto, DuPont, and Union Carbide have been the leading suppliers in the United States of polyvinyl butyral. DuPont supplies safety glass interlayer under the trade name Butacite and Monsanto, Saflex. Union Carbide offers polyvinyl butyral resin as Bakelite. Monsanto produces polyvinyl formal resin under the trade name Formvar.

Polyvinyl acetals are manufactured by reacting one molecule of aldehyde with two molecules of alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyst. Films of polyvinyl acetals are characterized by their high resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral, animal, castor, and blown oils.

11.2.2 Polyvinyl Acetate

General-purpose wood glue (household white glue) consists of an emulsion of polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol. The excellent adhesion of polyvinyl acetate emulsions to cellulosic and other materials gave rise to an abundance of applications including bookbinding, paper bags, milk cartons, drinking straws, envelopes, folding boxes, and many more. Among the manufacturers of polyvinyl acetate are Air Products and Chemicals, National Starch, Union Carbide, (Jaffe et al., 1990).

Among the main uses for polyvinyl acetate emulsions are interior and exterior flat paints. In the textile industry, polyvinyl acetate emulsions impart durability...

Products & Services
Overlays and Veneers
Overlays, veneers and surfacing materials are bonded to a surface to impart a decorative finish or graphical pattern.
Flange Protectors
Flange protectors are designed to protect flanges from damage during shipping, or from exposure to corrosive elements.
Solar Panels
Solar Panels are modules built with a collection of solar cells and are used for the production of DC voltage and current directly from the sun energy.
Foam Bonding Tapes
Foam bonding tapes are specialized tapes designed for adhesive joining of foam materials.
Textile Manufacturing Services
Textile manufacturing services produce or process textiles made from a variety of different materials. They differ in terms of capabilities, services, applications, and locations.  

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