From Understanding Change, Fourth Edition

8 Strengths and Weaknesses

Whether your, or any other organization, is actually capable of responding to the threats and taking advantage of the opportunities will depend on its strengths and weaknesses.

These will include:

  • the things it does well or badly;

  • its resources or lack of them in certain areas;

  • its staff skills or gaps in these skills;

  • the high or low staff morale;

  • the high or low demand for its products or services;

  • its strong or weak financial situation.

Activity 13

Returning to the example of To m Robertson's bookshop, on the basis of the information you've received so far, what would you say were its main strengths and weaknesses?









Among the strengths of Tom Robertson's bookshop were its large, well-organized sections on subjects, such as cinema, theatre and art, not covered in much depth by rival bookshops. To m and his assistant also had a detailed knowledge of their stock and were always more than willing to help customers find the book they want. If they didn't have it themselves they would discover a bookseller somewhere in the country who did.

On the other hand, the business had several weaknesses. To m generally over priced the more ordinary second-hand books. He and his assistant were feeling increasingly demoralized by the lack of customers on some days. In fact, there were some weeks when the shop barely took enough to cover all the outgoings. They had heard about the success of...

Products & Services
Business Consulting Services
Business consulting services include high-level business endeavors such as strategic planning, market positioning consulting, business plan development, enterprise architecture, and information infrastructure planning and development.
Rubber Bonding Services
Rubber bonding services produce rubber-to-metal, rubber-to-rubber, and elastomer-to-metal bonded components using cold bonding, hot bonding, laminating, taping, molding, and adhesive technologies.
Prototyping Services
Prototyping services provide low-volume conceptual or working models of a design in a short time frame. Often, they are available from providers of high-volume part services.
Protective Sleeving
Protective sleeves are special, corrugated conduits used to organize cables and wires.
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Services
Metal injection molding (MIM) services use a powder metallurgy process to manufacture metal parts.

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