From Value Innovation Portfolio Management: Achieving Double-Digit Growth Through Customer Value


"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."

Yogi Berra

"To be defeated is pardonable, to be surprised never!"

Napoleon Bonaparte

Baseball players looking for hits or game-winning home runs aim to contact the ball on the bat's sweet spot. A hit on this spot makes balls sail farther because more of the force of the swing transfers to the ball. Executives looking for home run products for the company portfolio search for the sweet spot too: that figurative juncture where a variety of factors come together to produce favorable conditions for success.

Even the best ballplayers strike out more often than they get hits. In fact, one of the best hitters of all time, Ted Williams, managed a batting percentage over .400 only three years of his career (.406 in 1941, .400 in 1952, and .407 in 1953 with the Red Sox). While this may be an outstanding major league hitting statistic, it is not an acceptable success rate for the product portfolio. A 2005 study by AMR Research indicated that 52 percent of new product introductions resulted in failures. [1] Even a 5 out of 10 hit rate isn't acceptable by Wall Street standards. The primary reason for these failures, cited by AMR and confirmed by the PDMA CPAS study cited in Chapter 3, was that products missed customer needs.

Half the time, companies fail to either identify the market sweet spot or to...

Products & Services
X-ray Sources
X-ray sources are lamps that generate or produce X-rays, a form of electromagnetic radiation, for non-destructive testing (NDT) or inspection.
UV Curing Equipment
UV curing systems use ultraviolet radiation to initiate reactions and cure adhesives, coatings and other UV curable resin products.
UV Light Systems
UV light systems provide ultraviolet light for identification, tracing, curing, disinfection or processing applications.
Collimators are optical lens assemblies that take divergent or convergent incoming light rays and produces parallel light output.
Manual Valve Actuators
Manual valve actuators do not require an outside power source. They use a handwheel or lever to drive a series of gears whose ratio results in a higher output torque compared to the input (manual) torque.

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