From Feng Shui: A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers


In designing either a single building or a complex, you may be involved with a multiuse structure or a single-purpose office building. I will first discuss the general layout of buildings within a complex and then treat the individual structures primarily as office buildings. Throughout this process, the designer must be aware of the psychological impact that all of the design features have on the occupants, their clients, and visitors.

When multiple buildings are being developed, it is important to establish an image for the complex and to make all of the buildings and their individual purposes easily identifiable and accessible. Our goal is to create a natural pathway to the entrance of each building.

Building Locations.

Place the buildings as far back on the property as possible, with the parking areas in front. This will place the buildings in the Commanding Positions of the property and make the occupants feel more in control than if parking or other large and relatively empty spaces were behind their building. Although delivery and other service entrances can be placed at the back, parking for both employees and visitors in front of the building will make them feel more important than if they enter through the back door. In addition, the flow of energy will be a consistently forward motion as a person enters the property, proceeds to park, and continues forward to the main entrance.

Design as many slight curves as practical in the driveways, rather than long straight...

Products & Services
Security Guard Services
Security guard services provide and perform entrance and exit screening, personal and property security, emergency rescue and emergency management services, security patrols, and system monitoring. They may be armed or unarmed, stationary or mobile, and uniformed or non-uniformed.
Excavating Services
Excavating services perform digging, earth moving, earthwork, land clearing, and topsoil removal services to prepare an area for construction or below-ground service activities.
Landscape Services
Landscape services design, develop and maintain the grounds around buildings, office parks, and commercial centers.
Modular Building Systems
Modular building systems are buildings that are constructed in sections in a factory before being delivered to a site for assembly.
Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines
Earth moving and landscape machines are used to prepare construction sites, and to move dirt and gravel.

Topics of Interest

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