From Green Building Through Integrated Design

High-Performance Building Characteristics

Let s get more specific about what we actually mean by the term green building or high-performance building. A green building is one that considers and then reduces its impact on the environment and human health. A green building uses considerably less energy and water than a conventional building, has fewer site impacts and generally higher levels of indoor air quality. It also accounts for some measure of the life-cycle impact of building materials, furniture and furnishings. These benefits result from better site development practices; design and construction choices; and the cumulative effects of operation, maintenance, removal, and possible reuse of building materials and systems.

In the United States and Canada, a green building is generally considered to be one certified by the LEED green building rating system of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) or Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). More than 99 percent of the certified green buildings in both countries come from this system. [*] For the purposes of this book, I will be using high-performance buildings to designate those that achieved a Gold- or Platinum-level certification from the U.S. or Canadian LEED systems. This is not entirely a fair choice, because there are some excellent green buildings that only achieved a LEED Silver status; however, increasingly, one must ask that a high-performance building achieve LEED Gold or Platinum. There might even be examples of Zero Net Energy buildings that one would consider high-performance from an energy efficiency standpoint that don t...

Products & Services
General Contracting Services
General contracting services serve as a single point of responsibility for construction projects. These companies perform layout, scheduling, estimating, and sub-contracting activities. General contractors also complete the construction itself.

Windows are architectural mechanisms that transmit light and air into a building interior, and may also serve as a emergency escape method.

Business Consulting Services
Business consulting services include high-level business endeavors such as strategic planning, market positioning consulting, business plan development, enterprise architecture, and information infrastructure planning and development.
Modular Building Systems
Modular building systems are buildings that are constructed in sections in a factory before being delivered to a site for assembly.
Alternative Energy Installation Services
Alternative energy installation services specify and install photovoltaic, wind energy, and other distributed energy production systems for commercial and residential applications.

Topics of Interest

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