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Introduction to WCDMA: Physical Channels, Logical Channels, Network, and Operation

RF Channel Multiplexing

RF channel multiplexing is a process that divides a single radio transmission path into several parts that can transfer multiple communication (voice and/or data) channels. Multiplexing may be frequency division (dividing into frequency bands), time division (dividing into time slots), code division (dividing into coded data that randomly overlap), or statistical multiplexing (dynamically assigning portions of channels when activity exists).

Code division multiplexing (CDM) is a system that allows multiple users to share one or more radio channels for service by adding unique codes to each data signal that is being sent to and from each of the radio transceivers. These codes are used to spread the data signal to a bandwidth much wider than is necessary to transmit the data signal without the code.

Multiple coded (physical) channels can be used on the same RF channel without interfering with each other by mixing in channelization codes that uniquely identify each physical channel. This is because the channelisation codes used are pre-selected to be orthogonal (non-interfering) with each other.

RF channel spreading is the process of creating a radio communication channel that occupies a radio channel bandwidth that is larger than frequency bandwidth that is required to only send the information signal. To create larger RF channels, the information may be multiplied by additional signals (channel codes).

Variable spreading rates are the ability of the ratio of chips to information bits (spreading rate) to change in a spread spectrum communication system. The use of variable spreading rates...


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