Introduction to WCDMA: Physical Channels, Logical Channels, Network, and Operation

WCDMA Products (Mobile Devices)

WCDMA mobile devices (also called access terminals) are data input and output devices that are used to communicate with a nearby access point. WCDMA devices include removable UMTS subscriber identity modules (USIMs) that hold service subscription information. The common types of available WCDMA devices include external radio modems, PCMCIA cards, radio modules, and dual mode mobile telephones.

UMTS Subscriber Identity Module (USIM)

A UMTS subscriber identity module (USIM) is an "information" card that contains service subscription identity and personal information. This information includes a phone number, billing identification information and a small amount of user specific data (such as feature preferences and short messages.) This information can be stored in the card rather than programming this information into the phone itself. This intelligent card, either credit card-sized (ISO format), or the size of a postage-stamp (Plug-In format), can be inserted into any UIM ready wireless device.

PCMCIA Air Cards

The PCMCIA card uses a standard physical and electrical interface that is used to connect memory and communication devices to computers, typically laptops. The physical card sizes are similar to the size of a credit card 2.126 inches (51.46 mm) by 3.37 inches (69.2 mm) long. There are 4 different card thickness dimensions: 3.3 (type 1), 5.0 (type 2), 10.5 (type 3), and 16 mm (type 4). WCDMA PCMCIA radio cards can be added to most laptop computers to avoid the need of integrating or attaching radio devices.

Embedded Radio Modules

Embedded radio modules are self contained electronic assemblies that may...


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