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Introduction to WCDMA: Physical Channels, Logical Channels, Network, and Operation

WCDMA Future Evolution

The future evolution of WCDMA is likely to include increased data transmission rates that are achieved by multichannel carrier system, increased modulation efficiency, and directional antenna systems.

Increased Data Transmission Rates

The CDMA system has evolved and continues to evolve to provide higher data transmission rates in both the downlink (system to the CDMA device) and in the uplink (from the CDMA device back to the system). The data transmission rate should continue to increase through the use of more efficient modulation technologies and increased radio channel bandwidth.

Modulation and radio spectrum efficiency are measurements characterize by how much information can be transferred in a given amount of frequency bandwidth. This is often given as bits per second per Hertz. The use of more efficient modulation and coding methods that have high spectral efficiency also typically are very sensitive to small amounts of noise and interference, and often have low geographic spectral efficiency. (See also Geographic Spectral Efficiency)

Multichannel Carrier

Increased radio channel bandwidth can be accomplished by combining multiple carriers (multichannel carrier) and/or by defining a new wide radio channel. Multichannel carrier (MC) is a communication system that combines or binds together two or more communication carrier signals (carrier channels) to produce a single communication channel. This single communication channel has capabilities beyond any of the individual carriers that have been combined. The use of a wider radio channel would allow significant increases in data transmission rates but it would require new mobile and system equipment and probably would...


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