Bluetooth® Serial Adapters Datasheets

Bluetooth Serial Adapters -- SS-BLT-XXX Series
from Advantech B+B SmartWorx

RS-232 only, RS-232/422/485 selectable. Device enumerates itself as standard port(s). Max baud rate 460.8k bps. Full modem control and hardware and software flow control (RS-232). Full-duplex or half-duplex modes (RS-422/485). Bus powered, no external power required. Terminal block connectors for... [See More]

  • Network / Bus: Bluetooth
  • Form Factor: Panel
  • Serial Protocol: RS232 (optional feature); RS422 (optional feature); RS485 (optional feature)
  • Data Rate: 1.2 to 115
1 Port Bluetooth 1xRS232 Female DTE - Class 2 -- BL-830
from Brainboxes Limited

Compact, Award winning Brainboxes RS232 Adaptor (female connector) allows any device with an RS232 port to communicate with anotherBluetooth device without the need for any additionalsoftware. Ideal for Bluetooth enabling 'dumb' RS232 devices such asdataloggers etc. with option to power from Pin 9. [See More]

  • Network / Bus: Bluetooth
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Data Rate: 723
1675408 [LM058 from LM Technologies Ltd.]
from Farnell Europe


  • Network / Bus: Bluetooth
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
Bluetooth Serial Adapter -- Parani™-SD100
from Sena Technologies

Software-free configuration support using DIP-Switch and pairing button [See More]

  • Network / Bus: Bluetooth
  • Form Factor: Portable; Self-Contained
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Data Rate: 230