THERMOSEAL® High Density Moldable -- M244 and M295 R-1
from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

THERMOSEAL ® High Density Moldables are high-temperature resistant mixes designed for a wide variety of uses ranging from fireplace applications to furnace repair. These moldables, which are asbestos and refractory ceramic fiber free, can be formed to shape (i.e. fireplace logs, lightweight... [See More]

  • Applications: Foundry / Metal Processing
  • MOR / Flexural Strength: 1000
  • Max Use Temperature: 1093
Kerathin Adhesive -- 1260
from Rath Incorporated

Kerathin Adhesives are a series of ready-to-use air hardening refractory mortars based on ceramic fillers, organic and inorganic bonding agents. Kerathin Adhesives are used to anchor ceramic fiber materials to lightweight refractory brick, ribbed mesh wire, ceramic fiber modules, vacuum formed... [See More]

  • Applications: Foundry / Metal Processing; Abrasives, ceramics or glass manufacturing; Chemical or material processing
  • Composition or ASTM/EN Cement Type : 26%Al2O3-67%SiO2
  • Refractory: Alumina
  • Product Type / Form: Mortar