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  • RF Attenuators-Image
    RF Attenuators - (331 companies)
    ...signals. Because digital signals are discrete in nature, digitally controlled attenuators have a number of finite attenuated states. . RF Attenuator Performance Specs. Performance specifications for RF attenuators include frequency range, maximum... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Diodes-Image
    RF Diodes - (44 companies)
    ...for general-purpose applications. Schottky barrier diodes (Schottky diodes, Shottky diodes) are used mainly in high-frequency and fast-switching applications. PIN diodes are used as either switches or attenuator elements. Varactor diodes can be used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fiber Optic Attenuators-Image
    Fiber Optic Attenuators - (282 companies)
    ...optic attenuators are available with either a fixed or variable attenuation range. Optical Attenuator. Video Credit: EXFOTube. Fixed fiber optic attenuators are used to reduce the optical power signal in communication links. They work analogous... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Amplifiers-Image
    RF Amplifiers - (570 companies)
    RF amplifiers are devices that accept a varying input signal and produce an output signal that varies in the same way, but with larger amplitude. Basic Information. RF amplifiers are electronic devices that accept a varying input signal and produce... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Upconverters and RF Downconverters-Image
    RF Upconverters and RF Downconverters - (134 companies)
    RF Upconverters and RF Downconverters Information. RF upconverters and RF downconverters are integrated assemblies that convert microwave signals to another frequency range for further processing. Generally, they are designed to produce an output... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Transceivers - (271 companies)
    RF transceivers are electronic devices that receive and demodulate an RF signal, then modulate and transmit a new signal. RF Transceivers Information. RF transceivers are electronic devices that receive and demodulate radio frequency (RF) signals... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Terminations - (124 companies)
    RF Terminations Information. RF terminations are used to absorb energy and prevent RF signals from reflecting back from open-ended or unused ports. They may include light emitting diode (LED) indicators for conditions such as "power " or "busy... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Switches - (251 companies)
    RF signals. The colored lines denote the path of each input signal; by adjusting each switch the signals can be rerouted via any of the black lines in the image. Because this design uses only switches and does not require power dividers or attenuators... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Transistors - (134 companies)
    RF transistors are designed to handle high-power radio frequency (RF) signals in devices such as stereo amplifiers, radio transmitters, and television monitors. RF transistors are designed to handle high-power radio frequency (RF) signals in devices... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Transmitters - (265 companies)
    RF transmitters are electronic devices consisting of an oscillator, modulator, and other circuits that produce an RF signal. RF Transmitters Information. RF transmitters are electronic devices that create continuously varying electric current... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Evaluating Adjacent Channel Interference in IEEE 802.11 Networks
    The 802.11 nodes are connected via co-axial cables and a programmable RF signal attenuator , as shown in Fig. 2.
  • RF Analyzer
    Its measurement targets transmission, reflection, group delay, phase characteristic of various RF devices including Amplifier ,Coaxical Cable, power Divider, Divider, Antenna, Coupler, Attenuator , Filter, Isolator and etc. Wireless Analyzer - Wireless Analyzer 802.11 a/b/g (108Mb) RF Grabber Probe & Analyzer A Hardware foundation wireless LAN Grabber Probe can get all 802.11a/b/g packet and send them (all captured packets to the Headquarters) using IP Network (basically TCP used at...
  • MAC-level measurement based traffic distribution over IEEE 802.11 multi-radio networks
    An IEEE 802.11b link is connected with a wired RF cable in order to create radio... Attenuator is inserted into the 802.11b link between an AP and a terminal. Due to auto rate functionality adopted in IEEE 802.11 networks, link transmission rate varies as signal intensity changes.
  • 12.04.08 -- Feature Article: Cell Phones Powered By Sound Waves Possible
    Typically in up-conversion applications, matching is accomplished through the placement of an attenuator pad between the mixer and filter, followed by the re-amplification of the RF signal further down the chain. 802.11 a/b/g/n Front-End Module .
  • RF / Couplers
    Its measurement targets transmission characteristic and reflection characteristic of various RF devices including Amplifier, Coaxical Cable, Power Divider, Divider, Antenna, Coupler, Attenuator , Filter, Isolator and etc. ARF-S-LC - RF Shielding Box: ARF-S-LC - Low Cost, RF Box Designed for use with, cell phone, PCB, Key, PDA, Lan 802.11 , Head set, ...
  • 08.06.08 -- RF Globalnet's Monthly Product Showcase, August 2008
    RF Attenuators 802.11 Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Modules .
  • Optimal packet size estimation using pseudo gradient search based on 2-additive measures
    ...provide dynamic bi-directional real time channel emulation instead of radiating radio frequency ( RF ) signal over air... We used the Butler channel model and increased internal attenuator until the connection was lost. The saturated throughput is obtained from a modified Markov chain model, which is extended from Bianchi’s model [13] for analyzing the binary exponential backoff mechanism of IEEE 802.11 DCF.
  • Evaluating mobility in a RF isolation testbed
    Rather, it simulates changes in distance via dig- itally controlled attenuators . Essentially, the test platform consists of RF -isolation chambers, a chas- sis backplane where modules can plug... RF-Isolation Chambers The isolation cham- bers are radio proof enclosures that provide an isolated environment to accommodate and at- tach IEEE 802.11 devices for real-world test- ing.
  • RF / Signal / Microwave
    Options include Latching or Fail safe relays; Unused input termination; SMA, N, TNC or other connectors; semi custom systems combining RF and Microwave components; or fully custom systems adding microwave components such as splitters, attenuators , programmable attenuators, etc. AirHORN transmits stable and accurate RF signals for each of the 11 Wi-Fi ( 802.11 ) channels and is ideal for research and development of antenna design.
  • Improvement of bit error rate using channel interleaving for channel binding WLAN prototype
    Transmitter and reciever were connected using RF cable and attenuator . MSDU frame aggregation was employed in order to im- prove MAC-SAP throughput compared with equipment using regacy 802.11 MAC.
  • A Silicon Modulator Enabling RF Over Fiber for 802.11 OFDM Signals
    VACONDIO et al.: SILICON MODULATOR ENABLING RF OVER FIBER FOR 802.11 OFDM SIGNALS ...amplifier, BPF: bandpass filter, PM: power meter, BT: bias tee, VOA: variable optical attenuator , PD: photodiode, TIA...
  • Erbium Amplifier Dynamics in Wireless Analog Optical Links With Modulator Bias Optimization
    The received optical power is fixed at 6 dBm by an attenuator to avoid detector saturation. When transmitting a frame, the received RF power is maximized by MZ bias optimization. Apart from the carrier frequency, the signal complies with 802.11 a/g: it is divided in frames with a synchronization symbol, a training symbol, and an OFDM payload.
  • Avnet Electronics Marketing - Electronic Components Distributor Services, Datasheet PDF Download, Part Number Search 4.5 Million + Components - Avnet Express
    • Fixed Attenuator • RF ICs • 802.11 Modules .
  • LM321MFX/NOPB Texas Instruments | Mouser
    Attenuators - ICs DC-3.0GHz .5db LSB Attn 31.5dB I ... RF Switch ICs LF-3.0GHz 802.11 ,g IL .7dB max SP3T .