RF Diodes Information

DescriptionRF Diodes Information


RF diodes are designed to handle high-power radio frequency (RF) signals in stereo amplifiers, radio transmitters, television monitors, and other RF or microwave devices.




PN junction diodes or general purpose diodes are designed for general-purpose applications.


Schottky barrier diodes (Schottky diodes, Shottky diodes) are used mainly in high-frequency and fast-switching applications.


PIN diodes are used as either switches or attenuator elements.


Varactor diodes can be used in electronic tuning systems to eliminate the use of and need for moving parts.


Step-recovery diodes are designed for very high frequency (VHF) and fast-switching applications.


Tunnel diodes and Gunn diodes are used in oscillators and other RF applications.


Impact ionization avalanche transit-time (IMPATT) diodes are also designed to operate very high frequencies. Typically, these RF diodes are used as elements in either RF or microwave devices.  




Specifications for RF diodes include:


  • Forward voltage
  • Maximum allowable reverse voltage
  • Reverse current
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage
  • Maximum reverse voltage
  • Peak forward surge current
  • Power dissipation
  • Operating frequency
  • Terminal capacitance
  • Junction operating temperature
  • Diode application



Typically, RF diodes are categorized as:


  • Amplification diodes
  • Detector diodes
  • Mixer diodes
  • Damper diodes
  • Limiter diodes
  • Switching diodes
  • Microwave diodes
  • Modulation diodes 

IC Package Types


RF diodes use many different IC package types.


Diode outline (DO) - DO-4, DO-5, DO-8, DO-9, DO-15, DO-27, DO-34, DO-35, DO-41 and DO-201 are diode outline (DO) packages


Small outline diode (SOD) - SOD-80, SOD-106, SOD-123, SOD-323, and SOD-523 are small outline diode (SOD) packages.


Transistor outline (TO) - TO-3, TO-66, TO-92, TO-202, TO-220, TO-237 and TO-247 are transistor outline (TO) packages.RF Diodes Information


Small outline transistor (SOT) - SOT23, SOT26, SOT89, SOT143, SOT223, SOT323, SOT343, SOT346, SOT353, SOT363, SOT416, SOT457, and SOT523 are small outline transistor (SOT) packages.


Discrete package (DPAK) - D2PAK is a large surface-mounted package that includes a heat sink. SC-59, SC-74, and SC-76 are plastic, surface-mounted packages with three leads.


Metal electrode leadless face (MELF) - MELF packages for RF diodes include QuadroMELF, MicroMELF, and MiniMELF.




MIL-PRF-19500/554 - Schottky barrier semiconductor diode.


MIL-S-19500/333 - Varactor semiconductor diode.


MIL-STD-35-54 - Tunnel semiconductor diode.




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1-Source Electronic ComponentsSkyworks Solutions, Inc.




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