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Custom Rotary Solenoids

Featured Product from GEEPLUS Inc.

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GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom rotary solenoids to match your specifications.

Standard rotary solenoids and bistable rotary solenoids, or slightly modified versions of, can be used in most applications and will perform their task to a satisfactory standard. They will complete the task, but are not necessarily in the most efficient nor effective way. They are in part designed to be generic so that they can cover a wide range of applications.

One of our key competencies is the design and development of advanced solutions which integrate with your application to give an optimized result. We have many satisfied customers that we have worked with to develop specialized products, that we are supplying on a regular basis as they find our next generation of actuation solutions the best way to achieve the results they are after, and in some case, surpass their expectations.

Typical modifications and design options

Solenoid Actuators: shaft configuration, coil winding, environmental conditions, noise reduction