Displaying Analog Values

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Current loop display for 4... 20 mA signals
Displaying Analog Values
Despite advancing digitalization, there are still numerous situations in which analogue measured values must be readable at all times in the control cabinet or control center, for example the fill level of a tank or the temperature of a climate room. This is exactly what the current loop display is designed for.
It is simply placed in the line of the 4th... 20 mA analog signal looped in. A voltage source is not required, the energy of the analog signal is sufficient to operate the device.

Flexible adjustment of values
The user can parameterize the display to such an extent that the measured variable is displayed as an actual value, e.g. filling height in centimeters or temperature in degrees Celsius. To do this, he can freely define and scale the measurement window using start and end points. Even non-linear signals can be easily displayed as linear values with the help of freely adjustable vertices, for example the display of an opening angle based on distance measured values. This provides the user with a powerful and at the same time easy-to-use display of measured values.

Measured values always at a glance

  • Power supply from the signal
  • Easy-to-read 4-digit LED display
  • Simple setting menu with 3-button operation
  • Free scaling and linearization of signals
  • Ideal for mounting in electrical cabinets and control panels


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