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Low-Pulsation Liquid Diaphragm Pumps

Featured Product from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

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KNF offers a smooth-flow line of pumps with a linearly-controllable flow rate range spanning from 0.2 - 12.4 L/min. This line of products combines the pulsation level previously only achieved by gear pumps with advantages of diaphragm pump technology – self-priming, safe to run dry, and long service life.

KNF low-pulsation liquid pumps are designed specifically to provide gentle, low-shear conveyance of media. This gentle conveyance spares fragile system components and media elements from potential damage. Other strengths of this innovative line include very low vibration and noise, chemically resistant flow path material options for use with aggressive media, and appropriate IP protection ratings.

This pump line includes FP 150 (1.5 L/min max.), FP 400 (5 L/min max.) and FK 1100 (12 L/min max.). Pulsation at the nominal flow rate for the FP 150 and FP 400 is less than 150 mbar directly at the pump outlet. FK 1100 easily achieves pulsation values below 200 mbar at the nominal flow rate at the inlet and outlet. Peak-to-peak pulsation levels far below these levels are achievable, depending on system materials, configuration, running speed, and other damping methods.

FP 150, the smallest pump in the group, delivers up to 1.5 L/min of liquid at back pressure up to 29 psig (2 barg), with complete linear control of flow between ~10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate (0.2 – 1.5 L/min).

FP 400 delivers up to 5 L/min of liquid at back pressures to 15 psi, with complete linear control of flow between 10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate (0.5 – 5 L/min).

Both FP 150 and FP 400 come standard with a brushless DC motor. Flow for both is fully stable with fluid viscosities ranging between 1 and 150 cSt. These pumps can also handle viscosities up to 500 cSt with some flow rate reduction.

FK 1100 delivers a flow rate up to 12.4 L/min, doubling KNF’s previous maximum for liquid diaphragm pumps. The pump has a highly durable design with a die-cast aluminum housing and high-torque motor options that provide continuous operation with up to 87 psig back pressure. Even at this high pressure, the FK 1100 still delivers an impressive 8 L/min.

FK 1100 is robust and offered in a variety of application-friendly materials, such as NSF-certified materials for food applications and chemically resistant elastomers. Customers can also choose between different drives, such as brushless DC or single-phase AC motors. The speed of the brushless DC motor can be controlled using analogue or digital PWM signals, permitting complete linear control of flow between 10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate (1.2 – 12.4 L/min).

KNF low-pulsation pumps are perfect for recirculation applications that benefit from calm flow, including inkjet and 3D printing, coatings, medical devices, cleaning and disinfection, laboratory equipment, fuel cells, semiconductors, food and beverage, computers/electronics, chemical and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and solar energy.

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