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Next Generation Diaphragm Pumps

Featured Product from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

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KNF FF 12, and FF 20 -- two new OEM diaphragm pumps to aspirate, transfer, or pressurize liquids and liquid/gas mixtures.These advanced pumps are linearly-adjustable to 230 mL/min, generate pressure up to 44 psig, and self-prime to 10.5 inHg. With a service life to 20,000+ hours, the FF series diaphragm pumps are built to last.

The FF pump platform is underpinned by KNF's unique modular design concept which allows numerous customer-specific modifications, and applications-specific performance. Optimize for applications in medical device/diagnostics, reprographics, laboratory equipment, energy, cosmetics, cleaning/ disinfection, and more. Between the two model types, KNF's FF series diaphragm liquid pumps cover a wide variety of operation



Equipped with high-quality brushless DC motors, the pumps require no maintenance and have a service life of 20,000h or more. Models with brush-commutated DC motors are available for customer applications that do not require such a long service life. A wide range of wetted materials are available, and the welded head parts ensure a high level of leak tightness, even with very volatile media.


  • Modular platform design allows customer-specific modifications
  • Wide flow rate adjustment range
  • Mounting plate with click-on mechanism for efficient installation and removal of the pump
  • High level of leak tightness, thanks to laser welded head parts, even with volatile media
  • Self-priming and safe to run dry lead to reliable operation
  • Clean and gentle transfer of sensitive media
  • Wide range of wetted materials to handle neutral to aggressive liquids
  • Expected service life of up to 20,000 hours with no maintenance

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