Shaft Straightening Press

Featured Product from Savage Engineering, Inc.

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Savage's Narrow Bed TFS Straightening Press is the perfect solution for straightening large diameter tubes and shafts. The shaft is loaded overhead onto its pressing anvils, rotated and indicated. The gantry with pressing ram is then traversed over the high spot on the shaft.

Savage has lead in the industry by pioneering a highly accurate stroke controller (RPC) for fast, accurate, repeatable straightening. The RPC controls ram stopping position to ± .001 inch accuracy.

Savage Straightening Presses are available in several different models to accommodate your workpieces:

  • TFS- Traveling Gantry Straightening Press
  • FFS - Fixed Frame Straightening Press
  • CFS- C-Frame Straightening Press
  • Hybrid-FFS Fixed Frame with Traveling Accessories.

Straightening Press accessories include:

  • Power workpiece rotation
  • Power lift
  • Power rotation stand positioning along the bed
  • Power anvil positioning along the bed
  • Digital RPC stroke controller, accurate to 3 decimal places
  • Joystick control of ram movement

Call for a complimentary quote at 216-587-2885.