Precision Anti-Backlash Gears

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Hicksville, NY -- These precision anti-backlash gears manufactured by Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (ISO 9001 + AS9100 certified) feature the exclusive Fairloc® integral hub  which allows precise positioning on the shaft. 
These 20° pressure angle AGMA Q10 gears are identified as the S1A5 and S1M5 series. The choice of the Fairloc® rotating component fastening system helps phase adjustment, timing, position adjustment and frequent removal problems with full component support along the entire hub section.

These gears are compact, self-contained and offer a small gear hub envelope. Each gear is composed of a set of two gear halves that give the appearance of a split gear. Built-in springs mounted around the hub, force the two gear halves to turn in opposing directions relative to one another until the tooth space between the inner and mating outer gear is entirely filled. This technique is applied to gears with diameters as small as .642" to eliminate all backlash, both fixed and variable, in gear trains.

Furthermore, because the spring-loading continually adjusts the take-up in tooth spacing, there is automatic compensation for wear and thermal dimensional changes during the life of the gear train.

These gears are offered in both 303 Stainless Steel and 2024 aluminum and are designed to fit shafts ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" diameter. The suggested clearance between the bore and the shaft is .0001"/.0008". Stocked in 120, 96, 80, 72, 64 and 48 Diametral Pitches featuring a .104" face width. Their sizes range from 40 to 360 teeth with O.D.'s from .642" to 3.017". 

SDP/SI offers a wide variety of inch and metric small mechanical components for the design engineer and OEM. Standard components can easily be located and purchased in one convenient place, shop online 24/7. The engineer not only meets all his component requirements, but saves valuable time by not having to search other sources. For custom design and manufacturing, speak to our engineers at (516) 328-3300.

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