Exsenco, LLC

High accuracy digital output (Parallel, SSI, A/B pulse)

GYDC-05 controller enables digital output of 1μm resolution and also analogue output of the position or the velocity (option). With option, SSI output and the incremental output (A/B pulse) are available. And putting 2 pcs magnets on one probe and detecting each magnet position or relative distance between 2 magnets... Read more...

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RDP Electrosense

A strain gauge is a long length of conductor arranged in a zigzag pattern on a membrane.
When it is stretched, its resistance increases.

Strain gauges are mounted in the same direction as the strain and often in fours to form a full 'Wheatstone Bridge'.
The diagram above represents what might happen if a strip of metal were fitted with four gauges.
An downward be...

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Dataforth Corporation

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. Overvoltage - Crosstalk - Common Mode Voltage - DC Common Mode Rejection - AC Common Mode Rejection Read more...

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