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Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Lighting Solutions

TE’s NECTOR Power system solution, Available at Digi-Key, has fully pluggable, modular wiring connector and cabling system for lighting and permanent indoor electrical installations. It’s round design lowers installation time compared to rectangular connector systems with indoor installation. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Temp Sensitive, Standard, & Alternistor TRIACs

Littelfuse's high-temperature sensitive, standard, and alternistor TRIAC's combination of space-saving packaging, high-temperature capabilities, and choice of current ratings makes them well-suited for Internet of Things (IoT) applications that require compact design but do not involve continuous high currents. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Versatile EMI Filters Range

XP Power's range of chassis mount and IEC inlet EMI filters satisfy the requirement for equipment to conform to the latest EMC emissions and immunity standards. The filters are suitable for any electrical or electronic equipment that is powered from a single-phase AC supply. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - AD4111/AD4112 24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC

Analog Devices' AD4111 and AD4112 are low-power, low-noise, 24-bit sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) ADCs. These ADCs integrate an analog front end (AFE) for fully differential or single-ended high impedance (≥1 MΩ) bipolar, ±10 V voltage inputs and 0 mA to 20 mA current inputs. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - RFxx-0505S 1 W DC/DC Converters

RECOM Power's RFB, RFM, and RFMM 5 VDC to 5 VDC isolated converters are available in SIP4 or SIP7 cases. These can be used for PCB applications requiring power isolation and one-to-one isolated voltage conversion. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - IEC 62368-1 Certified Power Adapters

CUI’s wall plug and desktop adapters are compliant with IEC 62368-1 safety standards to help keep the user in-line with US and EU regulations. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Portable Crimp Tools

TE Connectivity (TE) offers a wide array of portable crimp tools that combine ease of use with quality, reliability and precision. These engineered tools crimp to exacting specifications for TE terminals. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - High Power 100 W 400 VDC Reed Switch DRS-50 Series

Littelfuse's DRS-50 series reed switch replaces the DRR-129 series previously offered. The DRS-50 has the same great performance of higher powered switching capability of 400 VDC or 3.0 A at up to 100 W. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Hook-Up Wire

Alpha Wire’s broad range of PTFE hook-up wire means users will find the product exactly suited to their application whether it is as straightforward as a control cabinet in a protected environment or as specialized as a machine tool on the factory floor, a high-temperature oven, or off-road construction equipment. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - DS28E50 DeepCover®

Maxim's DS28E50 DeepCover secure hash algorithm 3 (SHA3-256) authenticator IC allows embedded systems designers to easily and cost-effectively integrate advanced crypto-strong authentication into their designs. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Hirose mmWave Test Connectors

Hirose offers an extensive product line-up for Millimeter Test Board applications including; Receptacles (SMA, 2.92mm, 2.40mm, 1.85mm), Terminators (1.85mm & SMA types), Phase Shifters, and Attenuators (1.85mm & SMA). Hirose’s precision screw-mount test Connectors provide excellent high-bandwidth performance for high-speed test boards over 20Gbps. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity T9G Series PCB Relays

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays’ T9G series are 30 A power PCB relays for HVAC, appliance, and industrial control applications.

The T9G relay is the smallest relay in its class with a 30% smaller package size and 13% less PCB floor space while keeping the standard footprint, allowing manufacturers to add more components on PCBs without having to compromise on r... (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

STMicroelectronics' STEVAL-BFA001V1B is an industrial reference design kit designed for condition monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance (PdM). The kit consists of an industrial sensor board, an adapter for the ST-LINK/V2 programming and debugging tool, a 0.050” 10-pin flat cable, a 4-pole cable mount connector plug with male contacts, and an M12 female connector with a 2 m cab... (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Amphenol’s 3mm Board-to-Board Interconnects

Amphenol SV Microwave's line of 3 mm coaxial between board spacing PCB interconnects allows for the lowest stacked height (3 mm) of any board-to-board high frequency coaxial connection system currently available. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STSPIN Motor Drivers/Motor Driver Solutions

STMicroelectronics extends its portfolio of STSPIN monolithic motor drivers with the STSPIN8 series. The STSPIN8 series drivers simplify design solutions and boost motor efficiency thanks to a wide application voltage range, standby mode in idle state, RDS(ON) as low as 500 mΩ, and a full set of integrated protection functions, all in a compact package. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Xtra-Guard® Flexible Cable (PVC and PUR Jacket)

Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard flexible cables meet a wide range of flexing needs, from light flexing to continuous multi-axis flexing. These long-lasting, flexible cables are designed to provide excellent performance in high flex, high torsion, and continuous flex applications, such as motion control and robotics. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Amphenol LTW Protective Vent Series

Amphenol LTW introduces the Screw Vent M12 series of waterproofing screws for industrial applications, providing a solution that reliably guarantees complete enclosure in industrial environments. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - VIPer11 Energy Saving High Voltage Converter

STMicroelectronics' VIPer11 is a high voltage converter smartly integrating an 800 V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET with PWM current mode control. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Industrial Control Solutions

TE Connectivity (TE) understands the significant design challenges EMI/RFI noise, high speed communications, moisture and debris, high vibration and mechanical shock can present in industrial control systems. TE’s reliable, quick to install and industry-proven components will help you save on machine maintenance costs and downtime. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Dual Port USB Chargers with 3.4 A Output

MPD’s AS234A-A is an upgraded version of its AS232 with total output increased from 2.1 A to 3.4 A. Enhanced water-resistant design with no assembly gap on the front face means fewer chances of water getting in. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - USB Type-C Waterproof Connectors

Amphenol LTW's IP67 and IP68 USB Type-C connectors are designed for different product and market applications. Many options are available to choose from including mating and/or stand-alone, waterproof, dust-proof, high-temperature resistant, high-vibration resistant, and quick mating. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - SPM-HZ Series Automotive Power Inductors

TDK's SPM-HZ series inductors are wirewound with a metal core and are designed for use in automotive power circuit applications such as car navigation and audio, electronic power steering, and headlights, among others. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TMC8461/TMC8462 EtherCAT® Slave Controllers

TRINAMIC Motion Control extends its portfolio of dedicated EtherCAT slave controller ICs with integrated motor control peripherals. The TMC8461 and TMC8462 are the world’s first EtherCAT slave controllers with high voltage I/Os capable of 24 V and two integrated switching regulators. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - MicroPressure Board Mount Pressure Sensors

The MPR series from Honeywell is a very small piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor offering a digital output for reading pressure over the specified full-scale pressure span and temperature range. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - 12-Bit and 14-Bit Absolute Encoders

CUI's AMT absolute encoders are a highly rugged and accurate position feedback solution, thanks to their capacitive sensing technology. The innovative platform offers resiliency to the dirt, dust, and oil typically encountered in motion applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - nRF52840 Multi-Protocol SoC

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52840 is an advanced multi-protocol SoC ideally suited for ultra-low power wireless applications. The nRF52840 SoC is built around a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4F CPU with 1 MB Flash, and 256 kB RAM on chip. The embedded 2.4 GHz transceiver supports Bluetooth® low energy (Bluetooth 5), 802.15.4, ANT, and proprietary 2.4 GHz protocols. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - DC Backward Curved Motorized Impellers

Mechatronics' backward curved DC motorized impellers offer exceptional airflow and pressure performance. They also provide greater power efficiency and speed control. The radial airflow pattern of motorized impellers offers design flexibility to direct airflow where needed. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - LTC3330 Energy Harvesting Buck-Boost Converters

Power by Linear / Analog Devices’ LTC3330 is a high-voltage energy harvesting power supply plus a DC/DC converter. The energy harvesting power supply, consisting of an integrated full-wave bridge rectifier and a high voltage buck converter, harvests energy from piezoelectric, solar, or magnetic sources. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Solutions for Harsh Environments

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of passive electronic components—including connectors and interconnect systems, relays, switches, circuit protection devices, sensors, and wire and cable—TE Connectivity (TE) has been helping the Aerospace, Defense, and Marine industries reach new levels of performance for over 60 years. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - MAX22505 High-Speed USB Port Protector

Maxim’s high-speed USB port protector is designed to protect a USB port on commercial and industrial equipment against damage due to faulty or incorrectly wired power supplies. The USB port is protected against connection to typical 24 VDC or 24 VAC systems with a maximum data line protection of ±40.7 V and power/ground line protection up to ±50 V. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - bq25600/bq25600C/bq25600D 3A Battery Chargers

Texas Instruments' bq25600, bq25600C, and bq25600D devices are highly-integrated 3 A switch-mode battery charge management and system power path management devices for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer batteries. The low impedance power path optimizes switch-mode operation efficiency and reduces battery charging time. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Field Effect Rectifier Diodes (FERD)

STMicroelectronics’ FERD family offers a unique trade-off between low forward voltage drop (VF) and low leakage current (IR) that allows designers of equipment, such as battery chargers and notebook adapters, to meet the most stringent energy-efficiency standard requirements without the expense of using synchronous rectification techniques. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Automotive TPSMB series 600W, AECQ Diode

Littelfuse's TPSMB series transient voltage suppression (TVS) diode provides secondary protection of sensitive automotive and other electronics from transients induced by load dump and other transient voltage events. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - SMP, SMPM, and SMPS Connectors

Amphenol SV Microwave’s SMP, SMPM, and SMPS connectors, cable assemblies, and adapters are designed for high-density, high-frequency applications and progressively increase electrical performance while reducing density. Their offers include multiport, board mount, adapters, cable connectors, and more. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Drone Solutions

TE Connectivity specializes in electronic components and electromechanical solutions for the drones/UAV market. Interconnect products from TE Connectivity are easy to assemble while maintaining high reliability in the harshest of environments. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - nRF52810 High Performance Multiprotocol SoC

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52810 multiprotocol SoC supports concurrent Bluetooth low energy/ANT protocol operation and incorporates an ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor. The SoC’s 2.4 GHz radio supports multiple protocols such as Bluetooth low energy, ANT, and 2.4 GHz proprietary applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Interactive RF Signal Chain

A unique combination of design skills. Deep systems knowhow. A diverse range of process technologies. That is what’s behind the industry’s broadest portfolio of RF ICs, covering the entire RF signal chain from dc to beyond 100 GHz (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TMC5160 Stepper Motor Controller and Driver IC

TRINAMIC's TMC5160 is a high-power stepper motor controller and driver IC with serial communication interfaces. It combines a flexible ramp generator for automatic target positioning with an advanced stepper motor driver. Using external transistors, highly dynamic, high torque drives can be realized. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim Integrated Amplifier ICs Featuring MAX40658

Using the electric power from a power supply, amplifiers increase the amplitude of a signal for a variety of electronic products. Maxim’s portfolio includes a wide selection of operational amplifiers (op amps), current-sense amplifiers, and comparators for signal conditioning, monitoring, and control applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Relay Products

TE Connectivity Relay Products offer one of the broadest portfolio in the relays market. Appliance, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Alternative Power Vehicle, Lighting, Building Equipment, Industrial, and Power Metering are some of the key industries served. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Alpha Wire FIT® Heat Shrink Tubing

Alpha Wire's FIT heat-shrink tubing offers a reliable way to protect and seal terminations while adding additional mechanical ruggedness. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity's IP68 Hoods and Housings

TE Connectivity's (TE) heavy duty connector IP68 anti-corrosion hoods and housings are made of die cast aluminum alloy. Connections in harsh environments and industrial applications often face exposure to humidity, salt, detergents, fertilizers, UV exposure, temperature shocks, or mechanical vibrations and even in these challenging environments, connections must be reliable. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Semtech’s Rclamp®0512TQ TVS Diode

Semtech's RClamp®0512TQ is specifically designed to provide secondary-surge and ESD protection on high-speed ports. The RClamp0512TQ integrates low-capacitance, surge-rated steering diodes with a high-power transient voltage suppressor (TVS). (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - RSL10 Radio System-on-Chip (SoC)

ON Semiconductor's RSL10 is a multiprotocol Bluetooth 5 certified radio SoC, which brings ultra-low-power wireless technology to IoT. Offering the industry’s lowest power consumption, RSL10 helps provide devices like heart rate monitors with advanced wireless features while optimizing system size and battery life. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Diodes AL1788 Off-Line LED Driver

Diodes' AL1788 is a high-performance AC/DC power factor correction (PFC) controller targeting LED lighting applications. Based on primary side regulation (PSR) implementation, AL1788 does not require an optocoupler or any secondary feedback circuit to save overall BOM cost. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Littelfuse's TVS Diode Array - SP3422-04UTG

Littelfuse's SP3422 integrates 4 channels of ultra-low capacitance rail-to-rail diodes and an additional Zener diode to provide protection for electronic equipment that may experience destructive electrostatic discharges (ESD). (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Standard Threaded and Spiral Cable Glands

Alpha Wire's cable glands are the latest addition to the FIT wire management family of products. All products are available in NPT, metric, and PG thread sizes. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - AMC1106M05 Delta-Sigma Modulator

Texas Instruments' AMC1106 device is a precision, delta-sigma (ΔΣ) modulator with the output separated from the input circuitry by a capacitive isolation barrier that is highly resistant to magnetic interference. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - BergStik® 2.54 mm Unshrouded Headers

Amphenol ICC's BergStik 2.54 mm unshrouded headers are available in surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT), press-fit, stacking, and pin-in-paste (PIP) versions. Designed in single and double row, they are available in straight or right angle options, from 2- to 72-positions. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Nexperia Trench 9 40 V MOSFETs

Nexperia's series of Trench 9 power MOSFETs, targeted primarily at the automotive industry, combine the company’s low voltage superjunction technology with its advanced packaging capability to deliver high performance and ruggedness. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Compact and Efficient Medical Power Supplies

Understanding that failure is not an option, CUI has developed a line of embedded and external power supplies designed to provide a solid platform for today's medical applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Omron E3T Miniature Photoelectric Sensor at Digi-Key

Omron’s E3T miniature opto sensor is perfect for detecting small parts and very fast response times. The E3T incorporates a load short-circuit protection function. If the load short-circuits, the output of the E3T will be turned OFF. The load short-circuit protection function will work if there is a current flow that is 1.5 times larger than the rated load current. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ADI AD7124 24-Bit, 8-Channel Sigma Delta ADC

ADI’s AD7124 is a 24-bit, 8-channel sigma delta (Σ-Δ) analog-to-digital converter. The ADC can be configured to have eight differential inputs or 15 single-ended or pseudo differential inputs. The on-chip low gain stage ensures that signals of small amplitude can be interfaced directly to the ADC. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions

TE Connectivity’s (TE) broad portfolio of sensor technologies is designed for a wide range of applications and serves a number of industries. We collaborate with engineers to help transform their concepts into creations—redefining what’s possible using intelligent, efficient and high-performing TE products and solutions proven in harsh environments. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Littelfuse Pxx00MEL Series SIDACtor® Component

Littelfuse's Pxx00MEL series high-energy SIDACtor component has a crowbarring characteristic, which offers low on-state voltage values that are much lower than the arc voltage of the traditional GDT and also offers a much lower voltage threshold than the clamping voltage of an MOV. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ON Semiconductor Current Sense Amplifiers

ON Semiconductor's NCS199 and NCS21x devices are voltage output current shunt monitors that measure voltage across shunts at common-mode voltages from -0.3 V to 26 V, independent of supply voltage. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity AMP M12 PG Clamp Connector Series

TE Connectivity AMP introduces a comprehensive range of M12 rail connectors for field assembly. With 360° EMI/RFI shielding, the M12 receptacle connectors have fully shielded housings and are pre-assembled for ease of use. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - JAE JN1/JN2 Series Small Circular Connectors at Digi-Key

JAE's JN1/JN2 series is made up of waterproof circular connectors with one-touch lock mechanisms developed as an interface for industrial devices. It is available in all-plastic type JN1, and the partially metal-reinforced robust type JN2. Both are compact designs and suitable for a variety of electronic devices. Additionally, they are UL certified. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim Integrated MAX98090 Stereo Codec at Digi-Key

Maxim’s MAX98090 is an integrated audio codec that has high-performance and ultra low-power consumption in a small footprint. These features make it ideal for portable applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Digi International ConnectCore® 6UL SBC Pro

Digi International’s ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro (CC-SBP-WMX) are industrial single board computers (SBC) that come with NXP’s I.MX6UltraLite, ARM® Cortex®-A7 microcontroller. These 528 MHz SBCs come with 256 MBs of NAND Flash and DDR3 memory, dual 10/100 Ethernet (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), and Bluetooth 4.2. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH HDP20 Connectors

TE Connectivity's DEUTSCH HDP20 heavy-duty thermoplastic, circular shaped connectors feature quick connect-disconnect bayonet couplings, silicone seals, and a rear insertion/rear removal contact system. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - RECOM’s RAC03-G and RAC04-G Series at Digi-Key

RECOM’s new RAC03-G and RAC04-G series were specially designed to supply smart building infrastructures continuously and efficiently with their standard 3.3, 5, 12, 15 and 24V outputs. Their excellent light load efficiency and no-load power consumption of only 75mW make them exceptional energy-saving solutions, which are needed in energy critical systems. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - SL Power 65 W Power Supplies at Digi-Key

SL Power’s 65 W family of power supplies offer up to 90 percent efficiency and a very compact form factor. Measuring only 2.0” x 3.5” x 1.3”, these supplies are ideal for use in a 1U chassis and in convection cooled applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Linear Tech LTC4417 Supply Prioritizer at Digi-Key

Linear Technology's LTC4417 connects one of three valid power supplies to a common output based on priority. Priority is defined by pin assignment, with V1 assigned the highest priority and V3 the lowest priority. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - JAE FA10 Series FPC Connector at Digi-Key

JAE’s FA10 series FPC space-saving connector has a 0.5 mm pitch with a 0.9 mm height and 3.2 mm depth. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ON Semiconductor 650 V SuperFET® MOSFETs

On Semiconductor's 650 V, SuperFET III series provides high performance super junction MOSFETs specifically designed for high power density. SuperFET III technology reduces RDS(ON) by more than 40% in the same package size compared to previous industry-leading technology which allows product designers to reduce package size or increase power in the same footprint. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STMicro L6362A IO-Link & SIO Transceiver Devices

STMicroelectronics L6362A enables a master and device solution for IO-Link and general-purpose (SIO-mode) transceivers via a single 3-wire connection (PHY2) supporting COM1 (4.8 kBd), COM2 (38.4 kBd), and COM3 (230.4 kBd) modes. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TDK UL Approved CTVS Chip Varistors (MLVs)

The UL approved CTVS chip varistors (MLVs) from EPCOS meet major safety guidelines for "surge protection devices" in accordance with the UL 1449 standard. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter at Digi-Key

Fluke Electronics introduces the first high-performance portable oscilloscopes with two or four independently insulated input channels, an IP51 dust and dripwater proof rating and a CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V safety rating. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CUI External Medical Power Supplies at Digi-Key

CUI's line of medical desktop, interchangeable blade, and fixed blade adapters are 60601-1 4th edition certified with DC cord and USB inlet options. These high efficiency power supplies, ranging from 6 W to 250 W, are a continuation of CUI's initiative to provide customers with global solutions for medical, dental, and home healthcare applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Amphenol ePower Connectors at Digi-Key

The Amphenol Industrial ePower series of connectors are designed for the demanding requirements of hybrid, electric vehicles, and utility truck electrical systems. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - B+B SmartWorx SmartFlex Cellular Routers

There is a growing need for internet connectivity through cellular bands and the needs for wide area networks with numerous applications become more frequent. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Amphenol (UFS) Memory Card Connector at Digi-Key

Amphenol's Universal Flash Storage (UFS) connector is designed to meet the increasing demands for higher speeds and storage capacity in commercial and non-commercial devices. It supports high read/write and transmission speed required by next-generation applications and is backward compatible with Micro SD. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ECS ECS-MPI4040 Automotive-Grade Inductors at Digi-Key

ECS announces availability of the ECS-MPI4040 miniature AEC-Q200, Grade 1 qualified power inductors. The 4.7 mm x 4.06 mm footprint is ideal for today's SMD manufacturing environment with height options from 1.2 mm to 2.0 mm. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ON Semiconductor Type-C (PD) System Solutions

ON Semiconductor’s USB Type-C portfolio sets the convenience and simplicity standard for users, designers, and manufacturers. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Nexperia AXP Logic Translators at Digi-Key

Nexperia's AXP family of Si-gate CMOS devices uses leading low threshold process technology and next generation packaging technology to create extremely small functions that support the trend to very low operating voltage and consume very little power. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Linear Technology LTC5996 at Digi-Key

The LTC5596, from Linear Technology, is a high-accuracy RMS power detector that provides a very-wide RF input bandwidth from 100 MHz up to 40 GHz. This makes the device suitable for a wide range of RF and microwave applications, such as point-to-point microwave links, instrumentation, and power-control applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STMicro LSM6DSL/LSM6DSM MEMS Sensor Modules

STMicro’s LSM6DSL and LSM6DSM, with innovative power management, enhanced gyroscope design, and energy-efficient data batching, cut power consumption by as much as 50% over the current state-of-the-art LSM6DS3 and LSM6DS3H devices. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim MAXREFDES131# 1-Wire® Panasonic Grid-EYE®

Maxim’s reference design, the MAXREFDES131#, is a sensing solution featuring the Panasonic AMG8833 Grid-EYE and the Maxim 1-Wire bus, enabled by the DS28E17. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - E-Switch TL9100 Series SMT Tact Switch at Digi-Key

E-Switch announces the TL9100 series tact switch. The TL9100 series tact switch offers a soft touch tactile feel in a surface-mount design. It is SPST and offers a choice of 200 or 350 operating force options. This tact switch has a contact rating of 50 mA at 12 VDC and a travel of 1.30 mm. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity EB100 Series Pressure Sensors

The EB100 pressure transducer is the smallest design proposed by TE Connectivity from the UltraStable line. It sets a new price / performance standard for demanding commercial and heavy industrial applications where high accuracy, small size, and low weight are desirable. This series is suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure, including difficult media such as contaminated wat... (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TI TPSM84A21/22 SWIFT™ Power Modules at Digi-Key

Texas Instruments' TPSM84A21/22 are easy-to-use integrated power solutions that combines the TPS54A20, a 10 A, DC/DC, synchronous, step-down converter with power MOSFETs, shielded inductors, input and output capacitors, and passives into a low profile package. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STMicroelectronics SensorTile Development Kit

The STEVAL-STLKT01V1 from STMicroelectronics is a comprehensive development kit designed to support and expand the capabilities of the SensorTile and comes with a set of cradle boards, enabling hardware scalability. It is complemented with software, firmware libraries, and tools, including a dedicated application. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CUI Inc. Thermal Management Solutions at Digi-Key

An effective thermal management solution to reduce unwanted heat is vital to system performance. CUI's thermal management line addresses the increasing thermal challenges in today’s board level electronic applications, encompassing a range of DC axial fans, Heatsinks and Peltier thermoelectric cooling (TEC) devices. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - MPD AAAA, AAA, and AA Battery Holders at Digi-Key

MPD’s battery holders hold from one to eight batteries and are available with printed circuit pins, wire leads, 9 V type snap fasteners, or solder lugs. Standard connectors can be terminated on the wire leads as an option and are great time savers. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity K-type Thermocouple Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP (TE) introduces their K-type thermocouple connector which helps ensure an easy connection with a K-type thermocouple wire. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Digi International ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL

Digi International's ConnectCore for i.MX6UL starter and development kits provide a universal and powerful platform for the users smart-connected devices. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Littelfuse MRPR-20 Series Power Reed Switches

The MRPR-20 reed switch from Littelfuse is a miniature, normally open switch with a 20.32 mm long x 2.84 mm diameter (0.800” x 0.112”) glass envelope, capable of high voltage and power switching of 265 VAC or 1.5 A at up to 50 W/VA. The MRPR-20 has high insulation resistance of 1010 ohms minimum and contact resistance less than 100 milliohms. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Newhaven Display 7” BeagleBone Capes at Digi-Key

The Newhaven Display7" BeagleBone Capes are specifically designed for use with the BeagleBone Black boards. The product line features three capes, each mounted to either a standard, premium, or sunlight-readable 7" Newhaven Display TFT. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim MAXREFDES155# IoT Embedded Security

The MAXREFDES155# from Maxim Integratedis a reference design for IoT (internet-of-things) embedded security, built to authenticate and control a sensing node using elliptic-curve-based public-key cryptography with control and notification from a web server. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - FS5700 Series High Actuation Force Switch

E-Switch announces the FS5700 series pushbutton foot switch. This switch comes in a choice of SPDT, DPDT, or 3PDT circuits. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TI TPSM84A21 SWIFT™ Power Module at Digi-Key

Texas Instruments'TPSM84A21 is an easy-to-use integrated power solution that combines the TPS54A20, a 10 A, DC/DC, synchronous, step-down converter with power MOSFETs, shielded inductors, input and output capacitors, and passives into a low profile package. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ON Semi NCP3230 Synchronous Buck Converter

ON Semiconductor's NCP3230 is a 500 kHz, high efficiency, high current, PWM, synchronous buck converter. It operates with a single supply voltage from 4.5 V to 18 V and can provide output current as high as 30 A. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Amphenol High Speed I/O Connectors at Digi-Key

Amphenol High Speed Interconnects is a global provider of interconnect solutions to the designers and manufacturers of worldwide networking systems. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ATS Brick Heat Sinks at Digi-Key

Brick DC/DC power converters are an essential part of PCB design. Their performance requires a stable temperature for optimum performance. ATS has produced a broad array of high performance heat sinks, based off of the patented maxiFLOW™ design, to effectively cool DC/DC power converters and power modules deployed in a host of electronics applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Soft Shell Power and Signal Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE) soft shell power and signal interconnects provide a reliable and economical means of grouping multiple-lead connections in today's appliance, computer, or industrial and commercial applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Power Triple Lock Connector System at Digi-Key

The PTL connector system from TE Connectivity has been developed for improved power and signal applications with many added customer benefits for performance assurance. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STMicro Signal Chain and Voltage Regulation

STMicroelectronics' LDLN025 regulator and TSU111 op amp are a perfect match for creating ultra-small size, low power and high accuracy for IoT and wearables' high-performance sensor interfaces. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - SmartSwitch™ LCD 36 x 24 Pushbuttons and Displays

NKK Switches announces significant product improvements to its line of SmartSwitch LCD 36 x 24 programmable switches and displays. The changes to the LCD 36 x 24 switches and displays allow for interface to low voltage applications and increases the maximum clock frequency. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Check out the newest products from Digi-Key

Check out the latest new product offerings from Digi-Key Electronics on our redesigned Product Highlights page. The Product Highlight page features refined search results by Product Type, Supplier, Function, Industry and Resource Type. Results can also be sorted by a specific or range of dates. New products from top suppliers added daily! (read more)

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Digi-Key was awarded the honor due in large part to over 40% sales growth in 2015. Teledyne LeCroy credited Digi-Key’s large breadth of in stock product inventory available for immediate shipment as the differentiator in receiving the award.


Digi-Key is now franchised to sell the wide range of sensors developed with Sensirion’s patented CMOSens® Technology, which enables the sensor component to be combined with the signal processing circuitry on a tiny CMOS silicon chip.


Digi-Key will have a booth (#1663) at the exhibit as well as technical representatives present to show attendees how easily various products can be used for their own projects.


Digi-Key plans to continue to grow their breadth of product – expanding on the world’s largest selection of 1.3M+ unique components that are in stock and available for immediate shipment from 650+ manufacturers.


Knowles has many unique products and technologies including StackiCap™, which offers high CV in a compact package, as well as FlexiCap™, a world first in MLCC flexible terminations to reduce mechanical cracking.


Scheme-it enables designers to quickly sketch and document their concepts and designs.


New Digi-Key Powered Website will take Engineers "From Maker to Market™"


National Engineers Week gives Digi-Key an opportunity to celebrate the innovation customers put into their products and, in doing so, helping the industry introduce new and improved electronic products.


Digi-Key will provide Education Kit hardware that support design courses covering Embedded Systems, System-on-a-Chip (SoC) development and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.


The Aeris Neo platform enables a significantly faster development time for customers with lower costs, added flexibility, and an advanced self-service portal to allow accurate monitoring of the SIMs’ activity.


Digi-Key Electronics will be discussing with attendees how the company's business model and updated designs tools can help the design engineer with their entire design process at the 2016 Embedded World conference in Nuremberg, Germany.


The touchscreen LCD displays are ideal solutions for any application or industry where screens are used on a regular basis, such as security, medical, industrial, and home automation.


The new units are ideally suited for use in a broad range of industrial, process control, telecommunications, office equipment, test and measurement, LED lighting and other “off-line” applications.


Global electronic components distributor Digi-Key Electronics, the industry leader in electronic component selection, availability and delivery, and Omron Corporation today announced they have expanded their engagement to now include all of Asia.


Digi-Key announces they have surpassed shipping its 50 millionth package in the history of the company.


Seeed regularly adds new products based on customer submitted and internal designs.


Harwin is a manufacturer of standard interconnect components with a reputation for high quality and exceptional customer service.


The flagship product of Accelerated Designs is Ultra Librarian, which is used to create and export symbols and footprints in a format that is compatible with nearly any EDA tool depending on one’s license.


For over 40 years the company has been serving and enabling design engineers and the maker community well before “makers” was a key industry term. The company continues to adapt to the evolving needs of engineers...


Judges will be looking for designs that demonstrate the advantages wireless charging systems offer, such as convenience, the ability to develop a waterproof charging system, or the elimination of failure-prone charging contacts.