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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

When circuits communicate with one another, there is a chance that they may negatively impact each other. Signals originating from one circuit could damage the destination circuit or cause it to malfunction.

Over the years, there have been a few solutions to this problem. Historically, optocouplers — devices that isolate circuits by physically separating high-voltage circuit... Read more...

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Real Time Automation, Inc.

In an automation system, data is as valuable as gold. The Historian plays a crucial role in storing and managing historical data related to your manufacturing processes. It has the unique ability to store and access data, enhance system integration, and support compliance and data-driven decision making. The Historian is here to fuel your success. Unlock the true value of data being gene... Read more...

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ECS Inc. International

ECS-2520MVQ series of AEC-Q200 qualified MultiVolt™ SMD crystal oscillators allows customers to use the same device for many designs. This electronic component is ideal for LoRa WAN, Low Power/Portable and IoT applications where low jitter is available over the extended temperature range of –40 ~ +85ºC. Read more...

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PIC Wire & Cable

In aerospace and defense, there are different types of connections that are used for connecting cables. These connections can be found on different types of aircraft such as helicopters, UAVs, ground vehicles, and even commercial or business airplanes. We will focus on those connectors that deal with RF communications- used to connect antennas to the communication systems
of aircraft.

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Explore the Amphenol RF 000-16050 RF Adapter, designed for RF and microwave applications. This adapter features a Type N male plug to Type N female jack configuration, suitable for frequencies up to 4.000 GHz. Read more...

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UIY Inc.

UIY K band coaxial circulator 18~26.5GHz shows reliable performances with insertion loss 1.7dB max, isolation above 12dB, VSWR 1.8:1 max, forwarder/Reverser power 10W, covering temperature -40 ~ +80°C. Read more...

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UIY Inc.

UHF Band Pass Filter 130MHz to 3000MHz with coaxial connector

* UHF Band Pass Filter: 130-3000MHz, from 1MHz to full bandwidth.

* Connector type: BNC,N,SMA

* Power: 2W ~ 100W

* Application: Military, space, telecom, network etc.

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UIY Inc.

2 to 6GHz 100W Drop in Circulator, insertion loss 0.8-1.5dB max, isolation 13dB minimum, VSWR 1.5:1, forward 100W, reverse 100W, working temperature: -40 ~ +70 °C Read more...

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