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jbj Techniques Limited - I.C.E. cooling solutions

For machine manufacturers requiring improved performance or combined cooling of multiple media in a compact design or different cooler shape / build footprint.

Following an accurate design, verification and operational validation of the prototype directly to the engine, we develop a complete product for cooling the water / intercooler / oil with side by side or overl... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Autonomous (off-line) air blast coolers

AC drives with integrated hydraulic pump GA series for offline cooling circuits where pressure spikes occur within the main hydraulic circuit. Combination coolers allow the cooling of both oil and water circuits within mobile applications.
Fan drives for vehicle cooling systems supplied with fully programmable electronic control unit.
ATEX certification for suitable units on r... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Multiple power take off or dual drive input?

Mechanical power transmission from prime mover split to multiple outputs?


Connection of back-up motor to power equipment creating a dual drive system?

Splitter gearboxes or multiple power take-offs (PTOs) are available in a number of mounting formats with various increasing and decreasing ratios.

Maximum input torques up to 5,600 Nm ca... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Pump to engine / motor adaptors

Allow close coupling of hydraulic pumps directly to the flywheel / flywheel housing of diesel engines, electric and hydraulic motors.

Designed primarily to allow the close coupling of hydraulic pumps to a variety of prime movers, such as diesel / petrol engines, electric, air or hydraulic motors, they can also be used in the connection from prime mover to alternative driven parts... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Pump drives ~ multiple power take-off units

Characteristics of the multiple power take-off / splitter gearboxes
The multiple pump drive range of equipment allows a single or a multiple of pumps to be driven from a single prime mover.
Single pump drives allow a pump to be close coupled to a diesel engine that has a flywheel and flywheel housing in accordance with SAE standards (non standard can also be accommodat... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Hydraulic gear pumps in single or multiple format

These hydraulic gear pumps have high overall efficiencies, normally above 90%. The product range is available in various mounting formats including SAE and DIN.

A complete range of reversible units and gear motors compliment the range of hydraulic pumps and motors for all types of industrial process, heavy plant, agricultural and commercial equipment.

These hydraulic gear p... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Low noise, high efficiency helical gear pumps

Reduce noise levels by an average of 15 dBA. Up to 20dBA depending on pump size.

The helical profile of the gears reduces pressure oscillations and vibrations produced by the pump and transmitted to the other components, reducing the noise of the hydraulic system.
Axial forces induced by the helical teeth are optimally balanced in all operating conditions by the axial compens... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Overload holding or shedding drive coupling

N-EUPEX and N-EUPEX DS claw couplings connect machines, compensate for shaft misalignment, whilst generating only low restorative forces. The torque is transmitted through elastomer elements, giving the coupling typically flexible properties.

N-EUPEX couplings are overload-holding. By contrast, the N-EUPEX DS series is overload-shedding, designed so that overl... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Mechanical power zero backlash couplings

Backlash free, flexible shaft couplings from the standard range are especially suitable for applications in highly dynamic drives such as, linear axes in machine tools, packaging machines or printing presses, or drives for automation. Couplings from the miniature range are designed for use in combination with rotary encoders, stepper motors or tachometers.
These bellows coupl... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Gear motors ~ hydraulic power to mechanical

Gear motors convert hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and angular displacement. Rotary mechanical power, applied to a load via the shaft.

Mechanical power from a hydraulic source; hydraulic fluid is moved into the motor causing the matched gear set to rotate. One of the gears is connected to the motor output shaft so producing the rotary mechanical power.
... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Hydraulic gear motor high pressure shaft seal

Marzocchi Pompe produce a system of radial sealing at the shaft that can bear enormous internal over-pressures without resulting in damage. This radial sealing is particularly useful in single direction hydraulic gear motors when, in certain conditions of use, high over-pressures will be generated at the motor output. With bi-directional motors, the area adjacent to the seal ring... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Mechanical power transmission coupling guide

A mechanical power transmission coupling for just about any application. From torsionally highly flexible to torsionally rigid, FLENDER couplings handling torque from 12 Nm to 7,200,000 Nm. Superb build quality made to last and provide the service you require.

1) What is your application?

2) Which mechanical power transmission coupling will best serve your purpose?

3... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Bearing supported hydraulic gear pumps & motors

Bearing supported gear pumps and gear motors, ideal where pumps are driven by a drive shaft or driving equipment by pulley and drive belt, for instance agricultural machinery.

A motor with a bearing support is useful for a fan drive or again if a pulley is fitted for belt drive. Any application that induces side load on the shaft, a bearing support built into the gear p... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Shaft locking devices with overload protection

SIT-LOCK® Keyless Locking Elements.

Combining the SIT-LOCK® design of smooth cone action with superior holding power, the hub can be clamped at any position along a shaft, eliminating the need for lock washers, spacers, stop rings, etc.

Simply by tightening the screws, SIT-LOCK® keyless locking devices create an axial force on the shaft and the hub that i... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Rigid shaft couplings

Rigid shaft couplings do not permit axial or radial flex between the shafts of the driver and driven. Designed to connect two shafts firmly to operate as one. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Hydrodynamic Fluid Coupling

FLUDEX® couplings are hydrodynamic fluid couplings which operate on the Fottinger principle. The coupling parts on the input and output sides are not mechanically connected to each other. Output is transmitted via the oil filling which rotates in the coupling and is conducted over radially arranged blades.
FLUDEX® couplings limit starting and maximum torque in the drive trai... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Torsional Couplings for IC engine applications

This range of torsional couplings solve torsional vibration problems typical of those found in diesel engine applications. The torsional coupling dampens torsional vibrations and tunes the system to have critical speeds outside the operating range.
jbj Techniques Ltd can analyse the application and determine the exact torsional coupling needed for almost any application.

For... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Hazardous Area Electric Motor Pump Adaptors

Designed to meet the exacting safety standards of the offshore and chemical process industries, jbj Techniques Ltd. produce adaptor kits certificated to Directive 2014/34/EU II2GD-IM2-TX -50 C< Service Temp < +105 C. Harmonised standards BS EN 1127:1, BS EN 13463:1, BS EN13463:5, BS EN 50303, BS EN 1834-1,BS EN 1834-3. Generally manufactured in Cast or Nodular iron, bellhousings c... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Anti-static / flame proof couplings

'JXL' torsionally resilient couplings, of pin and bush design, comprise two fully machined steel flanges which are coupled via a series of drive pins and 'hytrel' flexible elements. The elements absorb shock loads and dampen vibration. The couplings do not produce static and do not sustain burning. Maximum shaft diameters up to 400 mm with torques of 300,000 Nm and speeds up to 11,000... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Hydraulic motor-pump sets

Providing a solution based upon your application requirements.

jbj Techniques can design and build motor-pump assemblies from the extensive stock of hydraulic gear motors and hydraulic gear pumps, creating custom adaptors to mount the gear pumps to the motor again from extensive stocks of bellhousings and couplings and use of our excellent machine shop facilities. Full design draw... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Bellhousings for drive line concentricity

A comprehensive range of bellhousings for use with Imperial or Nema standard electric motors, petrol, diesel and air motors. Manufactured in either aluminium, grey cast iron, SG Iron, stainless steel and a range of exotic materials to suit even the most aggressive of environments. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Shaft Seal Cooling Bellhousing Assembly

Super special shaft soaking system - Wet Mount Bellhousing Assembly. Electric motor to hydraulic pump bellhousing assemblies capable of maintaining pump shaft seal temperatures at the exacting levels required within hazardous area environments. Designed for use within the most arduous of environments, jbj Techniques Limited now offer pum... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Self-priming Hydraulic Screw Pumps

These screw pumps are volumetric self-priming screw pumps suited to handle oils and liquids with a minimum lubricating quality. The design simplicity makes these screw pumps intrinsically reliable and efficient. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Selecting the right type of pump drive guide

How to select the right type of pump drive for your application. Whether you are running an industrial plant, or simply looking for the right power take-offs for your heavy machinery, heavy plant, mobile applications, or offshore marine machinery this guide is sure to help you select the right pump drive for your needs. WHERE TO START? . . . jbj Techniques Limited... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Fluid Transfer Pumps low noise from helical gears

The low noise, high efficiency, low pulsation, fluid transfer, helical gear pump reduces noise level by an average of 15 dBA.
Ideal for low-pressure, low viscosity lubrication applications such as fire-resistant fluids. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Electric Motor to Pump Adaptors (safe area)

jbj Techniques Limited offer the most comprehensive range of bellhousings in Europe. Designed to connect electric motors with frame size IEC D56 - D400 (0.06kW – 750kW) and can be compatible with electric motor 'B5' or 'B14' flange configurations. Accompanying the metric frame units above is a complete range of mountings to suit Nema and imperial frame motors with 'C' face or 'D' f... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - High Torque, Hydraulic Piston Motors

Explosion protected fixed and adjustable displacement, low speed, high torque hydraulic motors conform with ATEX directive 94/9/EC, applied standards EN 1127-1, EN 13463-1, EN 13463-5. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings

What is your application?
Which power transmission coupling would best serve your purpose?
Which size and specification of coupling will safely and cost effectively fulfill your requirements? (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Full range of hydraulic gear pumps & motors

With displacements from 0.19 to 200.3 cc/rev and maximum continuous working pressures of up to 280 bar this range of gear pumps satisfies demands of a wide range of applications.

0.25 series micro gear pumps
displacement 0.19 to 0.64 cc/rev
maximum continuous pressure 190 bar
maximum intermittent pressure 210 bar
maximum peak pressure 230 bar... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Drive Shafts & Yoke Drives

Transmit mechanical power using these drive shafts strong enough to bear the stress, while avoiding too much additional weight which would increase inertia of the system. Vibration damping and misalignment correction built in.

» Dampen vibration.
» Easy installed maintenance for extended life.
» Wide range of shaft configurations. Custom designs and l... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Torque Limiting Couplings

Transmission protection from mechanical overload by using the range of Torque Limiting Couplings; Sliding Hubs and Safety Clutches available from jbj Techniques Limited.

» Torque limiting up to 23,000 Nm.
» Coupling prevents high shock loads.
» Standard brass bushes for extended durability.
» Torque adjustment possible even in assem...
(read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Torsionally flexible pin and bush couplings

RUPEX® pin and bush couplings link machine shafts and compensate for shaft misalignment with weak restorative forces.
The torque is conducted through elastomer elements, so the coupling has typically flexible rubber properties.
Thanks to their robust design, RUPEX couplings are also suitable for harsh operating conditions.

RUPEX... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Highly flexible power transmission couplings

ELPEX-B couplings are highly flexible and free of torsional backlash. Because of their low torsional stiffness and damping capacity, ELPEX-B couplings are especially suitable for coupling machines with a highly non uniform torque pattern. ELPEX-B couplings are also suitable for connecting machines with high shaft misalignment. The elastic tire can simply be slipped over the hub parts. Th... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Highly flexible couplings transmit 90,000 Nm

ELPEX couplings are highly torsionally flexible and free of torsional backlash. Because of their low torsional stiffness and damping capacity, ELPEX couplings are especially suitable for coupling machines with a very non uniform torque pattern. ELPEX couplings are also suitable for connecting machines with high shaft misalignment.
Standard ELPEX coupling types are designed as... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Highly flexible coupling work -40°C to +120°C

ELPEX-S couplings (torques between 330 Nm and 63,000 Nm) are highly torsionally flexible and because of their low torsional stiffness and damping capacity are especially suitable for coupling machines with a highly non uniform torque pattern. Standard ELPEX-S coupling types are designed as flange-shaft-connections or shaft-shaft connections (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Torsionally rigid gear couplings

These all steel gear couplings link machine shafts and compensate for shaft misalignment with weak restorative forces. High transmissible torque combined with compactness and light weight are characteristic of ZAPEX couplings. ZAPEX coupling types are constructed on a modular principle. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Torsionally rigid disc couplings ATEX compliant

ARPEX couplings of the ARW-4/-6 series are outstanding for their large angular misalignment capacity of 3°. They were specially designed for drives where high misalignments which have to be compensated for by the coupling are to be expected. The intermediate spacer lengths are variable and are manufactured to customer specifications.
... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Tough, durable electromagnetic clutches

Designed to function and survive in harsh environments, providing reliable performance in many long life applications. Electromagnetic mechanical power transmission. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Tough, durable electromagnetic brakes

Designed to function and survive in harsh environments, providing reliable performance in many long life applications. Closely related to electromagnetic clutches in design.
A range of electromagnetic brakes with torque range from 0.05 to 3200 Nm / 0.4 in-lbs. to 2360 ft-lbs. Including multiple disc, mag-particle, hysteresis, spring applied and permanent magnet models. Electromagne... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Sturdy bearing supported stub shafts

This stub shaft design employs a single and double roll radial ball bearing designed for light and heavy-duty work, not to exceed side loads listed in tables 1 to 4 on page 3 of the brochure link. The bearings are self-contained in our specially designed housing that will keep the assembly free of contamination. These supported stub shafts come pre-mounted to your specific flywheel housi... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Arduous application oil bath clutches

Free standing clutches of the multiple plate, oil bath type. These clutches are particularly suited to arduous applications and are capable of withstanding high radial loads.

PFI 60 & PFI 120 - multiple disc clutch in oil bath, hydraulically operated with 12 volt or 24 volt DC solenoid selector for remote control. Cylindrical input shaft; female splined shaft for hydrau... (read more)


Spider / jaw power transmission couplings are torsionally flexible shaft couplings, the operating characteristics of which are two hubs with concave claws, transmitting the torque by meshing with an elastic involute gear ring.
The spider coupling concept gives a reliable, smooth power transmission without torsional oscillation / vibration and so protects the connected machinery.
... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Torsionally Rigid Gear Couplings

These steel gear hub / nylon drive sleeve gear couplings are designed to release neighbouring shaft bearings from non-controlled additional bearing loads.
Maximum shaft diameters of 100 mm can be accommodated with maximum torques up to 2,400 Nm and speeds up to 8,000 rpm.

  • Single or double engagement options suit a variety of applications.
  • Continuous sle....
(read more)
jbj Techniques Limited - Planetary Gearboxes output up to 1,000,000 Nm.

Complete selection of planetary gearboxes which include rotating shaft, rotating case, in-line and right angle output. Full range of multi-purpose planetary gears. Input can be via electric motor, hydraulic motor, air motor or bare input shaft, be it either a splined or parallel keyed input shaft.

jbj Techniques can accommodate gearbox inputs to suit your own bespoke... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - How to select power take-offs

Several factors must be considered in the selection process in addition to duty service, such as: SPEED LIMITS • SIDE-LOAD LIMITS • CLUTCH TORQUE LIMITS. (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - All steel gear couplings

ATEX certificated, torsionally rigid, power transmission, all steel gear couplings which transmit torque between two steel gear hubs and the internal toothing of a steel drive sleeve.

By incorporating the latest advances in Finite Element Analysis technology, therevolutionized Gear Coupling has increased nominal torque, larger maximumbore size and longer service life and st... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - ATEX compliant, anti-backlash disc couplings

A wide variety of superior disc coupling products in models designed to meet the application needs of today’s worldwide power transmission market.
These disc packs are manufactured using high grade stainless steel (AISI-301), ensuring high strength, high endurance to fatigue, and resistance to most environmental conditions.
These disc couplings utilize unitised disc pa... (read more)

jbj Techniques Limited - Industrial clutches and gearboxes

Mechanically and hydraulically actuated over-centre clutches are available in two mounting styles, speed increasing or decreasing gearboxes, oil bath clutches.

» 'BD' series clutches for close couple to diesel engines with SAE style flywheel facility.
» 'BDS' for independent, in-line arrangements, capable of accepting high radial loads and... (read more)