Frequency Analog Panel Meters Datasheets

Panel Meters -- 180-1086-ND [R3PB-FRQ-50/120-10-U from Jewell Instruments, LLC]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Input Type: Frequency
  • Width: 69.9
  • Frequency Range: 45 to 55
Moving Iron AC Meter -- SiDE
from Sifam Tinsley UK

The moving iron panel meters, DE 48/72/96/144 housed in moulded polycarbonate cases are suitable for the measurement of AC currents for frequency range of 15 …400Hz and voltages in the frequency range of 15 …100Hz. Moving iron meters indicate rms-values practically independent of... [See More]

  • Input Type: AC Voltage; AC Current; Frequency
  • Current Range: 0.1000 to 100
  • Voltage Range: 6 to 1000
  • Frequency Range: 45 to 65
from Brighton Electronics, Inc.

Panel board style, 2.5" Meter, Options include UL Recognized [See More]

  • Input Type: Frequency
  • Face Type: Rectangular
  • Scale Type: Zero-Center
  • Meter Mechanism: Pivot and Jewel
5000 Series Analog Meter -- 5015/16R
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

The 5000 Series consists of a popular industrial styled Lexan case that has a gasket for harsh environmental applications which seal out dust and other air-suspended damaging particles. A Nema 4 external gasket is optional. This Series is available with optional stud placement configurations for... [See More]

  • Input Type: AC Voltage (optional feature); DC Voltage (optional feature); AC Current (optional feature); DC Current (optional feature); Frequency (optional feature)
  • Face Type: Rectangular
  • Scale Type: Zero-Left
  • Analog Input Channels: 1
Frequency Meter -- 19M0558 [254-350-AGAG from Yokogawa Corporation of America]
from Newark / element14

Frequency Meter; Meter Function:Frequency; Meter Range:45-55 HzAC; Meter Size/Dimensions:3.5 in; Scale Length:2.88"; Accuracy:+/- 2% of FS; Barrel Size:2.67"; Display Accuracy ±:2%; Frequency Meter Range:45-55 Hz [See More]

  • Input Type: Frequency
  • Frequency Range: 45 to 55
  • Scale Length: 2.88
  • Width: 88.9