Alarming Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) Datasheets

Remote Measurement Terminal -- Earth1004
from Micro Sensor Co., Ltd.

Earth1004 Remote Measurement Terminal is a transmission terminal with wireless communication function. With a core of advanced industrial MCU and integrating the mature GPRS network and LoRa wireless technology, the product is ad-hoc networking with LoRa node product to realize the wireless... [See More]

  • Features: Alarming; Data Logging; Process Monitoring
  • Communications: Web Enabled; GPRS network
UPS Connectivity Device -- Environmental Monitoring Probe
from Eaton | Power Quality

The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) enables you to remotely monitor environmental conditions as easily as you monitor power conditions. Using a standard Web browser, you can view the ambient temperature and humidity of the remote environment, as well as the status of two additional... [See More]

  • Features: Alarming; Real Time Clock
  • Communications: Ethernet; Tele / Radio; Web Enabled
Protection & Control -- D25 Substation Controller
from GE Digital Energy

GE ’s D25 is a flexible, modular, and upgradable automation controller, suitable for both large and small substation automation projects in either new or retrofit situations. The D25 provides the tools and flexibility necessary to create customized automation and control applications... [See More]

  • Features: Alarming
  • Analog I/O Points: 32
  • Serial Ports: 2
  • Digital I/O Points: 128
Display and Alarm Controller -- C1 Protector
from Global Detection Systems Corp.

Accepts up to 16 inputs, 3 independent alarm levels, SPDT common alarm [See More]

  • Features: Alarming; Data Logging; Environmental Monitoring; Expansion Card; Intrinsically Safe; Process Monitoring; Rack Mountable (optional feature); Weather Tight Enclosure (optional feature)
  • Analog I/O Points: 8 to 16
  • Serial Ports: 2
  • Communications: Serial Comm.; 4-20 mA (optional feature); Ethernet (optional feature); LCD; Tele / Radio (optional feature)
Unisen™ Remote Terminal Units (RTU) -- Unisen™ Model 2204 Remote Terminal Unit
from Willowglen Systems Inc.

Designed for small to medium sized sites. Up to 4 I/O cards are supported in standard configuration, and is expandable. [See More]

  • Features: Alarming; Battery Back Up (optional feature); Real Time Clock; Software (optional feature)
  • Analog I/O Points: 32
  • Serial Ports: 6
  • Digital I/O Points: 32