Three Phase Induction Heaters

EASYHEAT Induction Heater -- 3542
from Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

Equipped to operate over a broad frequency range from 150 to 400kHz the EASYHEAT-3542 is a versatile, reliable and efficient heating solution for applications requiring up to 4.2kW of power. EASYHEAT-3542 is frequency-agile, continuously optimizing the power delivered to the load for accurate,... [See More]

  • Phase: Three Phase AC Voltage
  • Output Power: 4.20
  • AC Voltage Required: 187 to 520
  • Output Current: 750
Fastener Heat Treating System
from Inductotherm Group

Radyne ’s Fastener Heat Treating equipment delivers uniformity, consistency and increased controllability that results in superior quality fasteners. This complete system is adjustable for a wide range of fastener/bolt lengths and diameters, and is capable of production rates of up to 600... [See More]

  • Phase: Three Phase AC Voltage
  • Output Power: 100.00
  • AC Voltage Required: 440 to 480
  • Output Frequency: 200 to 400
Standard Dual Inverter Systems -- IHI2-100K-480-M
from Mesta Electronics, Inc.

Features and Benefits. Provides optimal precision and control with output power control resolution of .00625%. Provides greater control stability by varying output voltage instead of frequency. Increased productivity and decreased maintenance costs compared to water cooled systems. Offers efficiency... [See More]

  • Phase: Three Phase AC Voltage
  • Applications: OEM / Custom; Crystal Growth