Photomultiplier Tube Fluorometers

Fluorimeter for Heavy Metals Testing -- HF-38
from HF scientific

The HF scientific HF-38 Fluorimeter is an extremely sensitive, hand-held, ruggedized instrument designed for field testing of toxic heavy metal contaminates in water supplies. It requires no special skill or knowledge of chemistry to operate. This product is a breakthrough in efficiency, testing... [See More]

  • Detector Type: Photomultiplier Tube
  • Excitation Wavelength: 485
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Emission Wavelength: 535
Laboratory Fluorometer -- TD-3100
from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

The TD-3100 is a low cost benchtop instrument that was developed to provide an alternative to industry standard oil and grease methods. Measure samples directly (non-extraction) or with solvent (i.e. hexane) extraction methods. Simple set-up and calibration. Low cost per sample analysis. Less than... [See More]

  • Detector Type: Photomultiplier Tube
  • Response Time: 7
  • Lamp Type: Quartz Halogen
  • Monitoring: Sample Monitoring
Fluoroskan Ascent®
from Thermo Scientific Liquid Handling Consumables & Instruments

The Fluoroskan Ascent, a dedicated microplate fluorometer, offers high sensitivity for a wide variety of fluorometric applications. It features compatibility with 1- to 384- well plate formats and PCR plates, up to three on-board dispensers, an incubator and a shaker. Simultaneous reagent injection... [See More]

  • Detector Type: Photomultiplier Tube
  • Excitation Wavelength: 320 nm - 700 nm
  • Lamp Type: Quartz Halogen Lamp
  • Emission Wavelength: 360 nm - 800 nm