Serial Interface Fluorometers

Laboratory Fluorometer -- TD-3100
from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

The TD-3100 is a low cost benchtop instrument that was developed to provide an alternative to industry standard oil and grease methods. Measure samples directly (non-extraction) or with solvent (i.e. hexane) extraction methods. Simple set-up and calibration. Low cost per sample analysis. Less than... [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Serial
  • Detector Type: Photomultiplier Tube
  • Lamp Type: Quartz Halogen
  • Response Time: 7
BLACK-Comet "SR" -- BLK-C-SR
from StellarNet, Inc.

StellarNet's miniature fiber optic spectrometers with concave gratings deliver high performance for spectroscopy applications in the UV-VIS wavelength ranges covering 190-850nm (model C), or optionally 280-900nm (model CXR). The instruments are exceptionally robust with no moving parts, and are... [See More]

  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface; Serial; Parallel; Application Software Included.
  • Spectral Range: 200 to 1080
  • Detector Type: Photodiode (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 1