Rectangular Optical Diffusers

Grey Glass
from Abrisa Technologies

Grey Glass or smoked glass in lay terms; is a tinted soda lime glass that is primarily used to restrict or reduce light transmission (transfer) as well as for decorative applications. Generally used for windows, grey glass can be used to prevent fading of furnishings, carpeting, clothing, artwork,... [See More]

  • Shape: Square; Rectangular
  • Diameter / Length: 2438
  • Diffuser Type: Greyed Glass Diffusers
  • Rectangular Width: 1651
White Flashed Opal
from Abrisa Technologies

Weld shield is a leaded glass specifically designed for welding masks and other eye protection equipment. The glass blocks out harmful ultraviolet light and can cause “ arc eye ”. It is available in different shades for varying degrees of protection, and can be cut to size as ordered. [See More]

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Diameter / Length: 1397
  • Diffuser Type: Opal Glass Diffuser
  • Rectangular Width: 1702
Optical Grade Diffuser Plate -- DS-553A
from Chi Mei Corporation

Chimei's Optical Diffuser Plate is produced using Polystyrene as the main material and can be applied for TFT-LCD backlight modules and lighting fixtures such as side or direct vertical panel lights, etc. This diffuser plate can effectively convert the midpoint of the backlight module or linear... [See More]

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Rectangular Width: 422
  • Diameter / Length: 2235
  • Thickness: 1.5 to 2