Bus Interface / Adapter Module PMC and XMC Modules Datasheets

AceXtreme™ MIL-STD-1553 & ARINC 429 PMC Card (DABD) -- BU-67107F/M
from Data Device Corporation (DDC)

The BU-67107F/M series contains up to 16 Receive and 6 Transmit ARINC 429 channels and is optionally available with up to four MIL-STD-1553 channels (Multi-IO) for use in systems that interface to both 1553 and 429. The ARINC 429 model is a perfect fit for commercial aerospace applications while the... [See More]

  • Technology: PMC
  • PMC Data Bus: 32-bit
  • Interface / Adapter: MIL-STD-1553 & ARINC 429 PMC Interface
  • Number of Channels: 6
Camera Link Frame Grabber -- VID371
from 4DSP Inc.

The VID371 is a high performance PMC full camera link frame grabber. with two mini CL connectors. It offers fast on-board memory resources and two Cyclone III FPGA devices for real time video processing. [See More]

  • Interface / Adapter: PCI
  • PMC Data Bus: 32-bit; 64-bit
  • Other Products: FPGA Module; Memory Module
PIM SCSI II IO Adapter -- PIM Universal IO
from Dynamic Engineering

68 pin SCSI III front panel connector, supports flexible PIM scheme for PMC [See More]

  • Technology: PMC
  • Number of Channels: 64
  • Interface / Adapter: SCSI II IO Adapter
MIL-STD-1553 PMC Interface Module -- TPMC-1553
from ELMA Electronic Inc.

1-4 Independent, dual redundant channels. Commercial, extended temp/rugged/conduction cooled. 1553B, 1553A, 1760, Link-16, SADL compatible. One MByte, 32-bit High Speed QDR RAM per channel. Dual function model: BC/Mon or mRT(1-32)/Mon. Full function model: BC/Mon and mRT(1-32)/ Mon. Advanced BC... [See More]

  • Technology: PMC
  • Number of Channels: 1 to 4
  • PMC Data Bus: 32-bit
from Kontron USA

The PMC-FPDP is a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) designed for high-speed data acquisition and generation. In one end the PLX PCI 9656 interface chip provides 32/64-bit 33/66 MHz PCI bus master/slave interface with a linked list DMA engine which allows data throughputs greater than 100 MB/s. In the other... [See More]

  • Technology: PMC
  • PMC Data Bus: 32-bit; 64-bit
  • Interface / Adapter: FPDP