Side (90°) Fiberscopes

Small Diameter Fiberscope -- IF4S5
from Olympus America, Inc.

Ultra-Thin Diameters. The thinnest diameter flexible fiberscope (down to Ï †0.64mm). You can inspect inside narrow-diameter hole with 1mm or more diameter. In some applications, the entry port size to the area of interest can be restricted and inserting a scope can be extremely difficult. [See More]

  • Viewing Angle: Side
  • Working Length: 1.5
  • Diameter: 4.1
  • Field of View: 60
90 Degree Fiber Optic Micro Probe Inspection Kit -- FOMPIK-90
from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

The Titan Micro-Probe Illumination Kits are the answer to proper illumination in those ultra small holes and cavities that pose special viewing problems because they are too small for light to enter properly. The kits consists of: 6 Micro-Probes, 3 straight and 3 angled at 90 Degree. In 3 diameters... [See More]

  • Viewing Angle: Side
  • Working Length: 1.22
  • Diameter: 0.8128 to 3.05
Flexible Mining Scope -- FS 75 x 101
from Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.

With the FS 75 mining scope, structural data of roof rock can be obtained utilizing standard roof bolt holds. The high resolution quartz imaging fiber, combined with intense internal fiberoptic illumination provides a crisp clear view of roof rock conditions allowing for the identification of any... [See More]

  • Viewing Angle: Direct; Side
  • Working Length: 2.57
  • Diameter: 0.7500
  • Field of View: 50
Hawkeye® Classic Flexible -- HFB2-A
from Gradient Lens Corporation

The Hawkeye Flexible borescopes contain a 1 meter long glass-fiber imaging bundle with 18,000 fibers delivering high-resolution images. Acid leaching of the bundle increases image contast by creating space between the fibers to prevent light from spilling from one to the other. The plastic-coated,... [See More]

  • Viewing Angle: Direct; Side
  • Working Length: 1
  • Diameter: 7.88
  • Field of View: 40
Optical Inspection Device -- 6mm
from Optim LLC.

OPTIM Incorporated manufactures a complete line of industrial fiberscopes for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our flexible articulating fiberscopes offer the user a remote visual inspection tool to access areas that are not easily accessible. Our units are flexible and have the ability to... [See More]

  • Viewing Angle: Direct; Side
  • Working Length: 3.05
  • Diameter: 6
  • Field of View: 60
Stratascope -- FS-4200M
from Optim LLC.

OPTIM's model FS-4200 Stratascope has been designed to meet the needs of mining facilities for inspection of roof bolt holes. The FS-4200 provides remote viewing of faults, fractures, planes of weakness and other potentially dangerous conditions. The scope transmits a clear image of roof rock for... [See More]

  • Viewing Angle: Direct; Side
  • Working Length: 6.1
  • Diameter: 19
  • Field of View: 60